Wear Red On Opening Night

Opening night, February 7th, is also National Wear Red Day in honor of raising awareness against hear disease.


Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, more then any cancer combined.

If you haven’t seen the PSA that the actress Elizabeth Banks made then here it is.

I had her experience, except I was fortunate to not be having a heart attack, rather I was diagnosed with AVNRT.

I literally didn’t leave for the ER for 45 minutes, because I didn’t want my husband to wake up our napping kids. I drove myself.

It was the scariest situation in my life at the ER being administered medicine to my heart, which stopped my heart, 3 times, to try and slow it down.

I had ignored my heart all Fall and now I know not to do that.

I have alleviated stress and I drink a lot more water and less caffeine and also take a beta-blocker. I haven’t had another attack since last May, woo to the hoo.

I’ve talked to a few women who have admitted, their hearts have been acting “funny” only they just ignore it. Don’t ignore your hearts moms.

We need them to live.

So wear red opening night if you feel up to it!

Helpful Info on the Show

Our show opens February 7th.  Here is some helpful info on it.



The theatre has ample street parking but please allow yourself to get to the theatre 30 minutes before showtime. That way you won’t stress trying to find a spot and you can grab a glass of wine. We do start our shows on time, so NYC of us.


Tickets are $30 for opening night if you buy your ticket online. At the door the tickets will be $35.

All other nights tickets are $25 online and $30 at the door.

We take cash or credit card, no checks please.

Food & Drink

We will be selling tamales at all shows, while supplies last. Delicious, no lard tamales. We always sell wine and water. We might have a food truck for closing night, we’ll let you know if that happens!

Special Things Happening

Each night we seem to have something cool going on. Here is a run-down.

February 7th – Hosted by ClubMomMe, the price of your ticket includes a glass of wine and a goody bag. **Wear RED! February 7th is National Wear Red Day in honor of Heart Disease. Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women, we are excited that the American Heart Association will be giving away information at our opening night. We will be in red for sure.

February 8th –

February 9th –

2:00PM Matinee – Coupons from Wax Poetic for all in the audience. $20 off a $40 service, that’s a 50% savings.

7:00PM – Talk back right after the show ends.

February 14th – Romantic Giveaway Getaway from The Tangerine Hotel. Free Champagne for all!

February 15th – A fabulous show.

February 16th –

2:00PM – A fabulous show.

7:00PM – Talk back with the cast right after the show ends.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should See Expressing Motherhood This February!


5. Our Sponsors – It’s no secret Expressing Motherhood has had some great people and businesses supporting the show and sharing their gifts with our audience. Our opening night show is sponsored by Club MomMe in Los Angeles. Every member of the audience that night will be getting a free glass of wine and a goody bag with the fantastic show they’re seeing. On February 9th, our matinee audience will get a great coupon to use at Wax Poetic, a salon focused on waxing…we all need a little waxing now and then. At our Valentine’s Day show on February 14th, one lucky audience member will receive a one night stay at the Tangerine Hotel in Burbank, CA in our Romantic Getaway Giveaway! Who says you need to go far to get away?

4. It’s A Girls Night Like No Other – Gather the troops and get out for the night. We are giving you a legitimate, amazing reason to get that sitter (or husband as mine likes to call himself sitter sometimes) and get out for the evening. You are not only going to enjoy wine and dinner, whatever you chose to do before the show, but you are most certainly going to have something to talk about on the way home. Guaranteed.

3. Someone Else Is Watching Your Kids – It could be the husband or the cheapest babysitter you could find on Craigslist…take advantage and get out of the house. Spanx yourself nice and tight, put on those heels hiding in the back of the closet, have that girls night you’ve been waiting all month for and let someone else put those wee ones to bed. Let someone else get that night time routine done…the fighting and pleading to say up longer, the feet in the face while trying to help a three year old get the Dora jammies on, the toothpaste and story time. As much as you might enjoy toes in the nose like me, let someone else do it for one evening and leave the house.

2. You Need A Good Laugh Or Cry – We all have those days. Sometimes it’s a laugh you desire, other times its the cry. I’m never sure why I need either, but I know it feels great when I do. Expressing Motherhood will give you both, maybe even at the same time, it doesn’t matter. Pack your tissues and maybe the tube of mascara for reapplying. Come, get it out with us…cry, laugh, slap your knee, hide your face in your sweater. We’re here for you.

1. It’s Theatre You’ll Never Forget – This show is some of the best, most genuine real live theatre you’ll ever see. These stories are original, they are funny, sad, poignant, spoken, sung…they might even be your story. If there is anything I’ve learned from producing and performing in this show, it’s the desire we all have to connect with one another, maybe just even one person who’s experienced what we have as a mother..here or there. Good or bad, Happy, sad, frustrating or disappointing. You will walk away from Expressing Motherhood entertained. You’ll walk away in tears, or in laughter…you will walk away moved. You will leave the show feeling blessed, the blessings that come with time for yourself, the blessings that come with being with friends and the blessings that come from hearing other stories that help you reflect on your own.

Red Shoes & Hollywood Boulevard

This morning I had the rare treat of taking a shower, blowing my hair dry, putting on makeup and a dress.


Usually it’s me getting the kids ready.

My 3 year-old asked why I was dressed that way and I gave him a kiss and took off to meet Christina and Jessica on top of Mulholland Drive. We are all LA moms.

Our photographer Christina of Little LA Photography, with her family.
Our photographer Christina of Little LA Photography, with her family.

I got there first and was so happy to see that is was a beautiful LA day.  Crystal clear, albeit a bit windy. I walked to the top of the overlook averted the broken glass and condom wrapping and snapped a photo of a visiting French couple.

Christina pulled up with her sweet little boy and Jessica got out carting our props and we were in full motion.

There we were three moms and one child, two minivans and a beautiful city glistening behind us. Last night I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thought here we are real moms of LA and we were so different then any portrayal I’ve yet to see on screen.

Tourists buses came by and people stared.

We just laughed and took photos, clearly comfortable and clearly having fun.

Then we headed down to Hollywood Blvd. Lugging our props, two strollers, gear and a child, giggling over whether or not it was even legal when we were doing.

“Quick, get ready then I’ll shoot,” said Christina. It was on.

Playing dress up has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Caroling neighbors and friends to participate is my second hobby. No one minded. People asked what the show was. We had a riot and Christina’s son couldn’t have called it a wrap better then by having a meltdown.


Afterwards Jessica and I went into a new store, MUJI, then we sat and had a bit to eat.

A Michael Jackson impersonator walked by, the sun beat down on us and I felt right at home and very content.

As we said our goodbyes in the parking garage, I told Jess that the last time I had someone take pictures with me on Hollywood Blvd. was with Polly almost 6 years ago to the day. As I looked at the red shoes Jess wore and was reminded that Polly too wore red shoes.

I’m filled with happiness and gratitude that as I get older I still have friends who will dress up and go make fools of ourselves all for fun. Jessica and I also talked about death briefly before we realized that would just take too long and on my way home I turned the dial and heard “Walk” by Foo Fighters and was reminded of my oldest belting out the lyrics when he was four, “I never want to die!” Much to my husbands amusement and my horror.

When Polly and I shot our pictures I remember feeling anxious afterwards because it was so good.

I used to have this tree on my front driveway in Hollywood and every January it blossomed, in fact it’s probably blossoming right now. It only bloomed for  week. If it rained or was too windy the dainty blossom would be swept right off. I would stare it all week.


Yet it tortured me. That is was so fragile and fleeting.

Ah hell, maybe I’ve had too much coffee now and my kids are certainly having a long nap.

Anyways, just a blissful morning, one I will treasure.


I live so much of my life in fear. Sometimes, it’s hard to let the good times sit and enjoy them. Today I did just that.

I look forward to the photos from Christina.




Reflecting on 7 Seasons

I’m sitting here on the floor of my boys room as I keep hissing, go to bed.


Go to bed.

My almost 4 year-old demands I sit here.

My 7 1/2 year-old doesn’t like it.

I’m sitting in the dark thinking over how many years have gone past since our first show in 2008.

I clearly remember coming home and rushing to check on my first born, my only born at that time, to find him asleep, on our modern concrete bathroom floor in a diaper, right outside his room.


No one else had ever put him to bed.

I would have normally been horrified but the thrill of the show’s acceptance made me pick him up and just put him back to bed. Comforted by the shared stories from a man and many women of all ages at our first show in Venice, 2008.

I think of how obsessed I was with Expressing Motherhood for so many years.


I find myself lately just enjoying what it has brought me. A wonderful, big network of women and some men I admire all over LA and some from other states and countries. A big moms group containing people who are brave enough to bare their should on stage.


My goals have changed a bit, I’ve never been one to follow a traditional course but I’m thankful for the show and can’t wait for opening night on Feb. 7th.

Actually I look forward to saturating myself in the performers pieces in the next few weeks and listening to music.

I have found the older I’ve become the more I cry over the pieces.

Looking forward to my fix in a few weeks. Because, really, that’s what the show is for me and that’s what it was created to be.

A fix for all of us yearning to connect in regards to motherhood.

I should stop typing, my oldest is agitated by it.


**This is not a paid post. Just an over-share from an LA mom, me, who has three kids and a muffin top that she wants to minimize.

I’ve been improving my health for over a year now. Really I’m always working at staying healthy in between wine and late night snacking.

The last little part was focusing on strengthening my core and losing some weight. To help my back feel better.

I’ve always said I would do well with a chef so I decided to order Nutrisystem as I just called it my budget friendly chef. Instead of reaching for a handful of whatever when I was starving I’d have a meal planned.

A box arrived at my door New Year Eve. Good timing.

I last about 4 days and actually felt better due to not overeating. But it felt very 1980’s to me. I didn’t want to have a chocolate donut for breakfast one AM. So I decided to splurge and have researched some local home delivery food options in LA. There are some amazing options.

I was interested in Paleta but I never heard back from their rep in regards to if they would deliver to me, I’m a bit outside of their range.

Then I started looking around and happened open LA mom blogger Jennifer Brandt of Perfectly Disheveled. I saw that she had been eating KleanLA and then I realized that the owner was married to someone I know, a fabulous trainer who trained a good friend of mine. So KleanLA it is.



It’s not cheap.

But I’m splurging and they have offered Expressing Motherhood a discount code to save $25. Use KLEAN25. Kiki, the owner is really friendly and they are having some web issues right now at check out so just email her if you experience that. She helped me right out.

Owner and founder Kiki.
Owner and founder Kiki.

My food for a week arrives on Friday and I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t diet, don’t believe in them but I do need a little help in feeling good, helping my back and making sure I stay strong for my family.



Wax Poetic Giving Fantastic Coupon To Audience!

a50a7d99b99c9fa3b0f8ec70abe450a5Get your wax on!

Wax Poetic in Magnolia Park Burbank will be giving out coupons to all audience members at our Sunday, February 9th matinee show at 2pm. If you have your ticket for that show, you will recieve a $20 off any service $40 or more at Wax Poetic!


Basically, for one service, you’re looking at 50% off!


Wax poetic specializes in waxing, but they also do facials and eyelash tinting. They are located at 3206 1/2 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank.

You can find them online here…and on Facebook and Twitter.



Thank you Wax Poetic for supporting the show!


Win A One Night Romantic Getaway In Our Valentine’s Day Giveaway To The Tangerine Hotel!

index3Lets face it, as mom’s we are strapped for time. Someone recently told me, the time we have is the time we make. And making time for a little one on one with your partner, well, it can prove to be more than a little difficult.

This Valentine’s Day, we will be on stage entertaining you in the second week of our first Expressing Motherhood show of 2014, but we will also be offering a very nice gift courtesy of The Tangerine Hotel in Burbank, CA! *Must be used by November 30, 2014.  Subject to availability at time of reservation

All members of the audience will have a chance to win a one night stay at The Tangerine in Burbank for a little Romantic Getaway!

The Tangerine is a “Retro-chic meets eclectic-modern with an independent flair” nestled close to the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank. Who doesn’t need a getaway!? Sometimes one night is all it takes.

tour3Make a Valentine’s Day Date to come see Expressing Motherhood…or come see the show with the girls and save the date for later..(wink wink.)

Get your tickets HERE!

You can find The Tangerine online at www.TangerineHotel.com and on Facebook.



Meet Susanna Morgan

Meet Susanna Morgan. She will be performing in our upcoming Hollywood show. She had the last audience roaring with laughter and I’m betting will do the same again. 


1. How did you hear about ExMo? 
I heard about ExMo through Sarah Maizes, who’s a writer in one of my “secret” Facebook groups for Southern California Mom Bloggers. She’s an alum, writer and all around fabulous person.

2. How many kids do you have? Do you work outside of the home?
I have two boys, six and nine. I work, but inside my home. I’m a featured blogger for DivorcedMoms.com, where I write about being, well, a divorced mom, parenting and relationships. I try and do so with a dose of humor and reality but sometimes stuff just sucks and has to be addressed as such too.

3. How do you express yourself creatively?
I recently had some sort of approaching 40 crisis and dyed parts of my hair purple. I LOVE it. I’ve also been pondering a tattoo but can’t pull the trigger (on the tattoo gun). I enjoy performing in spoken word performances and oversharing on Facebook, Twitter and my blog. I’d actually really like to start crafting or creating in some other way. I am attending a canning party soon, so maybe I’ll be a creative prepper.

4. Have you ever performed before? In ExMo or other shows.
This will be my second time performing in Expressing Motherhood (both times talking about sex) and I performed this past Fall in Spark Off Rose on the topic of “Lie, Cheat and Steal.” Um, which was also sort of about sex. Or lack of and/or with other people. And the end of my marriage. I have boundary issues in sharing.
5. What do you love about being a mom in LA? What do you find challenging?
I love the weather and diversity of L.A.! Nope, hate L.A., but that’s what you’re supposed to say. I’m slowly venturing out of my west side bubble and discovering more neighborhoods  I like better, and, through ExMo alums/friends I’ve found a whole spoken work performance scene that I dig and keeps me more sane for daytime parenting. I do like that these is a lot to do in L.A. with kiddos, but the traffic and layout of the city make it a major challenge to do so without some sort of military level planning to avoid traffic, street closures, political protests, etc.