Meet Upcoming Performer Nicole Alaimo

We started doing interviews with our upcoming performers awhile back. Nicole Alaimo will be performing in our upcoming Hollywood show.

She lives in Hollywood. So here you have it a real Hollywood mom.


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How did you hear about ExMo? 
I originally heard about ExMo via Daily Candy
How many kids do you have? Do you work outside of the home?
I have two kids. I don’t currently work outside of the home.
How do you express yourself creatively?
I don’t get to express myself creatively very much, but when I do it’s in the form of writing or making collages from inspiring magazine pages.
Have you ever performed before? In ExMo or other shows.
 I performed in ExMo in 2009.
What do you love about being a mom in LA? What do you find challenging?
I love parenting in a city with interesting architecture and diversity in its people and landscape. I also love feeling the charge of urban life but the sense of small community, like on Saturday Soccer mornings at Pan Pacific Park where we will inevitably run into at least 5 families we know from way back in preschool days or from current elementary school.
I find it challenging to partake in cultural events or venues, because it is such an ordeal to get there and crowded and expensive. I don’t like always having to orchestrate things for my kids that normally (in a suburb) they could do for themselves. Like ride their bike to a friend’s house or have a jam session in someones garage…..



A Brand New SoCal Community Theater Prepares For Their Debut With “Annie!”

Annie’s debut is set for December 20th

Here in these parts, we love live theater!

There’s nothing quite like a stage with people on it telling a story…to reiterate, we love live theater.

Los Angeles has some very great spots to go see a show, some big places you can find Downtown and some very small ‘few seaters’ nestled in the heart of neighborhoods you might not have known existed. We love it all.

On December 20th, a production of Annie will go up at the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn. I’m very excited to this production of Annie…mostly because this will be the debut production of Burbank’s Community Theater. And I love Burbank.

Founder, Julia Swanwick

Julia Swanwick is a Boston native who moved to Burbank in 2006. She loved the art scene that Burbank provides, but noticed something was missing…a Community Theater.

Julia wanted to  “start the group on the principles of mentorship and inclusion, whoever you are and however you wish to participate, you are welcome.”

Her vision is about to become a reality. She and her team have worked very hard this past year to raise funds through Kickstarter to fully fund a performance of Annie…really, a dream come true for Julia.

The Orphans of Annie

Julia and the team tried their best to get everyone a part who auditioned…truly a community. It will be going up for one weekend just before Christmas. What a perfect show for the holidays!

Over at my hyper local site,, we’re raffling off tickets to see this production. But if that doesn’t work out for you… you can purchase tickets HERE……


For more information on Burbank Community Theater and this production of Annie, visit their website at  

You can find them also on Instagram Facebook Pinterest and Twitter.