Visit Us At Holiday In The Park In Burbank Friday Night…And Enter To Win 2 Free Tickets To The Show!

If you live in Southern 1460212_632085150175285_1293945120_nCalifornia, Burbank has an event once a month that is a lot of fun for the whole family…but also makes a great Ladies Night Out.

It’s actually called Ladies Night Out and it happens the last Friday of every month.

It just so happens that in November, Ladies Night Out is transformed into Holiday In The Park.   This event also happens to be one of my very favorite community events here in Burbank.

There will be food trucks, Santa, Live Music, Vintage Cars, Food Collections for our local Aid Center, local vendors and not to mention the magnificent stores located up and down Magnolia Blvd in Burbank!

Lindsay and I will be setting up a booth to spread some Expressing Motherhood cheer. We will be located in the Bank Of America parking lot with several other locals, and if you come on by to see us and take photo to share on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram using #ExMoHollywood, you will be entered to win two FREE tickets to our Hollywood show in February!

We hope to see you there this Friday night, November 22nd, from 5pm-9pm!

For all the information you need (Directions/parking) on Holiday In the Park…click here.

Submissions Are Now Closed

Thank you to all who submitted for our upcoming February 2014 show.


Submissions are now closed.

Though the show has not been cast yet, tickets are on sale now.

Our opening night with be hosted by Club Mom Me. You’ll be treated right, details to come on this sure to sell out fast night.

Again, a huge thank you to all who opened your life with me. I love reading your stories. I’ll get back to all in a week.


Cupcake Cuties Made Me A Professional Baker In No Time!

exmohamburgerA few weeks ago, Lindsay and I hosted a small home screening of our Chicago show for some friends. Of course, in ExMo fashion, we love to showcase talented, creative moms and Theresa Deliberto, founder of Cupcake Cuties, is no exception.

Over the past 6 years, Theresa has developed a small idea into a big business! Cupcake Cuties can be found online and now in select local Ralph’s stores in Southern California.

Talk about imagination.exmopopcorn

Lindsay and I love this idea and asked Theresa if she’d be willing to supply all of our guests with a Cupcake Cutie Kit..and she did!

I decided to give the Cupcake kits a try, and why not…we needed a dessert for the evening anyway. I went to my local Ralph’s and picked up the Popcorn set and the Hamburger set..both are her top sellers.

I’m going to be honest. I truly did not believe I could make anything as cute as what I saw on the box. That happens with products sometimes…and I get disappointed. But, this was not that time.

Popcorn Cupcake Kit
Rolling the top of the Burgers

All three of my kids helped me and we had a lot of fun putting our ‘gourmet’ cupcakes together! And really, I felt like a professional. I showed up to our screening and even I found it hard to believe I had just made cupcakes that looked so darn cute.

ExmofinalTheresa and her Cupcake Cuties can really help turn any celebration into something better…without paying a ton of money for bakery bought creations. You can do it yourself!

For more information and to see all of the cupcake kits available, visit!

Cupcake Cuties is on  Twitter and Facebook

“Joy Jars” Are Properly Named After A Bright, Beautiful Young Girl Who Left A Legacy


Lindsay and I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Young & The Restless set at CBS here in Los Angeles, on Wednesday. We were blessed with the privilege of helping young Max Page assemble “Joy Jars” for a holiday delivery to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.



Lindsay interviewing Max Page

Max is a very well spoken young man, who happens to have a lot of amazing things going on right now. Max was ‘Lil Darth’ in that amazing Volkswagon commercial a couple years ago. He’s also currently playing Reed Hellstrom on The Young & The Restless and used his Y&R powers to assemble a team to help showcase what good things he’s doing for a local non-profit organization.



DSC_0020The Jessie Rees Foundation is a recognized 501c3 public charity dedicating to ensuring every child fighting cancer has the encouragement, resources and support to Never Ever Give Up.

Before we assembled these jars, Lindsay and I and a room full of people watched a video about who Jessie Rees was and what Joy Jars do……


After wiping my tears, we listened to Max and his lovely mother Jennifer talk to us about why Max is involved. Max, like my daughter, Shelby, had heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles shortly after he was born. It turns out, my daughter and Max had the same surgeon working on their precious hearts within months of each other.

Lindsay and I were so happy to have had the privilege to meet such a wonderful young man. He’s doing a lot of things right.

Max and some of his Y&R Family
Max & His mother, Jennifer
One of the sets of Y&R!

IMG_4127 IMG_4133 IMG_4143

For more information on The Jessie Rees Foundation and Joy Jars, click here!


You have the power to help spread a lot of joy this holiday season!

DSC_0025I cannot resist sharing this commercial!





(I wrote this post last night but censored myself and didn’t post it until today)


Today, had me, mid-day in tears.

Maybe it was the dry heat mid-November juxtaposed with the freaking Christmas stuff I see up already juxtaposed with not even knowing what we are doing for Thanksgiving juxtaposed with trying to explain to my kids why there is no Chanukah stuff up and why mommy and daddy have different religions.


Me 6 years ago with our first, navigating the holidays.
Me, 6 years ago with our first, navigating the holidays.

Navigating the holidays is proving trying and I dislike that.

All I care about really is to feel spirtually connected to what I believe in and to be around people I love.

I have a very small family. Like really small. Well, outside of my 3 kids.

We don’t do traditional holiday things.

But I have vowed not to have a lonely holiday.

I mean shit, I think a lot of people who moved to LA probably came here to escape some kind of thing back home. I just didn’t realize the thing I ran to escape would vaporize. Making LA my home. One in which I can’t now escape.

And so I am trying to carve out traditions for my kids.

The one tradition my husband I have kept since I was 24 is our annual holiday party. I have become superstitious about it as we only haven’t thrown it one year since it’s inception, 2007. And if 2008 wasn’t a shit storm. Yes, sorry we caused the writers strike and the economical depression all due to my lack of a holiday party.

Lately though the holidays are becoming very sad for me.

I troll Facebook and see people going back home wherever they are from and I feel as if I don’t have that.

But I have to remind myself that there must be a lot of other people who come from these types of backgrounds.

And I’d like to invite you over to my house for Thanksgiving.

Not really.

But screw it.

I am going to attempt to just do something different this year. Maybe we’ll go to the beach on Thanksgiving? That’s just nuts.

Perhaps when the temperatures dip again here in LA my spirit will lift but right now it is heavy.

I have always known that my favorite gifts are my family and friends.

I don’t know, with a lump in my throat and some censorship rising up I stop there. But to all of you already worrying about the holidays or feeling like a failure know that you are not alone.



Joy Jars

Moms LA has invited Expressing Motherhood to go to the set of the Young and the Restless to meet Max Page and his mother Jennifer where the Y&R cast and crew will assemble some Holiday Joy Jars.


JoyJars® were created by Jessica Joy Rees during her courageous 10 month fight with two brain tumors. Jessie used her JoyJars® to spread hope, joy and love to children fighting life altering medical illnesses.  JoyJars® are 100% free to patients and hospitals and are filled with new toys & activities.

As Jr. National Spokesperson, Max’s first goal is to raise 10,000 Holiday Joy Jars. These will go to children in over 240 children’s hospitals around the US and 18 other countries. They will help courageous kids that are in the hospital during the holiday season. The goal is lofty but we want everyone to know that every $20 raised sends a JoyJar and smile to a Courageous Kid like Max.

This is also very personal to Max. In December, he will be heading back to the operating room for eye surgery. In a few months he will also require a surgery to replace his pacemaker. In Mighty Max fashion, he will be brave beyond his years and looking to cheer up other kids while he is at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. That’s just who he is!

Wow, is all I can say. What amazing kids.


You can donate here:

dc6c5c92f82a28b99e61409cd84bb444-1I am really looking forward to this.





Submissions & Diving Into My Creative Cocoon

Submissions are open and I listened to KCRW this AM, a little Jason Bentley to get your day started never hurts anyone.

Jason Bentley
Jason Bentley

I felt that trickle of thrill I get when I begin to dive into reading the submissions and patching the show together.

Heard this song by Andrew Bird called “Pulaski at Night” as I left the grocery store in my minivan and really enjoyed it.

Thought I would share.