ExMo Challenge Meet Up

I suppose the fact that I’m planning a celebratory, we did it, it’s over, get together might mean I want it to be over.

Not really though.

Shannon Noel and I have been admitting to each other we feel a lot better doing this challenge.


So as much as I envision us laughing over margaritas and chips how about a morning hike and breakfast afterwards?

If you are interested we will be meeting up at ┬áTrails Cafe in Griffith Park on Saturday, August 24th at 7:30AM. Yes, that’s early but I’m guessing you have kids who wake up before that. So leave them with your partner and head on out.


We can take off for a hike from there and grab a bite to eat and coffee at the Happy Trails Cafe.


Driving Home To LA….Then Back To Chicago For Expressing Motherhood Soon!

Grandpas Tire Swing
Grandpas Tire Swing

The kids and I have been in Michigan for 5 weeks. The charity run we organize in memory of my mother was a success and more money has been raised for breast cancer research.

Our journey is ending soon as we leave on Tuesday for another three day car ride back to California.

We survive, if you’re wondering.


The summers spent here in my hometown of Petersburg, Michigan are nothing short of spectacular.

I feel privileged and blessed to be able to give my children a little bit of both worlds…the fast paced, energetic, diverse Los Angeles and the family, thunderstorms, amazing people, open spaces and slower pace of the Midwest.

Local dam, Dundee MI
Local dam, Dundee MI

It really is a different world here.

And I absolutely love it.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to head back close to here in September for our first Chicago show. Chicago to me is Lake Michigan, The Cubs & White Sox, City and Suburbs….It’s my Midwest.

Can’t wait to see you soon Chicago.

Toledo Harbor Light on Lake Erie
Getting To See Grandpa after a year!
Lot’s of fishing!
Surrounded by farm life.
I find more critters here than anywhere!!
Open roads to ride.
Everything is better with dirt. Yes it is.

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Fit Moms

Since starting the ExMoChallenge two weeks ago I’ve been curious to find moms who inspire on the internet to be healthy.

Do you have any moms who inspire you? I’m curious.

An old picture of me on a hike on my 30th. Taking  breastfeeding pit stop.
An old picture of me on a hike on my 30th. Taking breastfeeding pit stop.



Spotted Over The Midwest:Expressing Motherhood Fans




We are so excited to take the show to Chicago.

But clearly not as excited as this mom that was spotted holding up her sign in a cornfield somewhere over the midwest this week.

We love you midwestern gals.

There have been rumors that some women are taking a bus from Ann Arbor, Michigan for $1.00 to come see the show.


Women are driving in from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


And I know of some people flying in from Minneapolis, Minnesota.



I just want to see who can represent their state the best in the audience…not to challenge you ladies at all.

Anyways, keep up the enthusiasm, we can’t wait!