Saturday Night

Kiddos are asleep and I’m re-visiting the upcoming pieces that will be shared with our Chicago audience members.


Listening to music to pair with the pieces and crying.

Thank you for sharing your stories.

I’d never heard of this band, Blue October, but enjoying “Sway” by them. This is the only video I could find, starts around 2:20 but resonates. I think about the couple of intimate hours that are held in the theatre and how I treasure that time.

We sway
Grabbed her by the hips and hand
Then off we went
Across the sanded floor
She said “that’s not sand, it’s salt
It will get worn like we did before”I only wanna dance with you
Every time I try
We only get an hour or so
It’s time to get personal
We’ve got these times of our lives
Lets take this time to let it show
these are ours.These are ours

We sway
The moon shines down
And everybody’s safe.
Christmas lights all day
And rightly so
We feel high as fuck
And everything is good
Good to go

I watch the snow fall down
Feels great to be honest
Forget about the trouble
Forget about the drama
Cause I ain’t Casanova
Baby I can dance for days
This time with you
Is just amazing in so many ways

I only wanna dance with you
Every time I try
We only get an hour or so
It’s time to get personal
We’ve got these times of our lives
Lets take this time to let it show
these are ours.

These are ours

We’ll stay until we want to
That’s how it use to be
We never fell apart
We stay here until we want to
Now we just sway

Come on…. Dance with me

These are ours
These are ours

We sway


Under Twinkly Lights

Last night upcoming Chicago performers Stacie Burrows, Shannon Noel, a wonderful new friend of Stacie’s I got to meet all had dinner under twinkly lights surrounded by a warm LA night.


It was one of those moments when you open a little door and are transported into the sexy side of LA. Fabulous food, fun, great waiters, people just happy to be out. (well, that’s my version on the sexy side of LA anyways)

We talked about who will be watching our kids while in Chicago. We talked about a lot of things and by the end of the night I was laughing so hard I was crying.

The perfect kind of face lift.

If that’s any kind of indication of how Chicago will pan out,  I think the extra stress every person goes through in being a part of the show must be worth it and the joy will outweigh it.

Of course I’m nervous to leave my kids for a week, it’s out of my comfort zone. But I realize I’m in my comfort zone far too often.

As our dinner wrapped up one mom commented how fun it was and how she would have just been tossing spagetti in Topanga. I said I would have been warming up hot dogs in my neck of the woods and we all laughed again as we piled into Stacie’s minivan in the heart of the city.

We dined at the Little Door and some roasted figs along with coconut cheesecake was a “life changer” for Stacie and myself. See I’m laughing again and that’s good.

Friends, swapping stories and making time to do just that are good for the soul and I look forward to Chicago immensely.



Tourist Questions for Chicago Natives

OK, Chicago natives what are some great restaurants we should go to?


There will be 5 LA moms arriving on Monday, who will be on West Coast time, meaning we can for once, stay up past 9PM.

Our hotel is in the Bellmont District. We don’t need fancy either!

Also, complete random question: I love midwestern plains and would love to see some while there on Sunday.

Does the L ever end in just some cornfields?


OK, that’s said with some humor but you get my drift.

If that’s not possible, what do you recommend Jessica and I do on Sunday? In NYC we went and saw Next To Normal.

Any shows? The boat ride? You tell us!



Getting Ready

Putting on the show is pure joy for me.

Traveling to put on the show is a lot of fun as well as I can see friends from all over the country.

Going on an airplane is not fun for me.


But I have to giggle over this photo and remind myself if I can go put on a show with a 6 month old (re-covered colickaholic) and my older son I can do anything.

The entire flight to Boston I stood by another woman bouncing our babies talking trying to keep our mind off our currents situations.

At one of the shows she showed up and brought me a bottle of wine.

As I sat the morning of opening night with breastfeeding my baby, trying to tell me 4 year-old to hold on one more second and go over the nights ticket sales I thought this is crazy.

But I like crazy.

So despite the levels of some increased stress I just see it as something I love doing and have to do to stay sane.

Can’t wait Chicago!



ExMo Hike

Yesterday a few of us met up and went for a morning hike. It was a beautiful, cool LA morning. We hiked up to the Griffith Observatory. We were laughing so much as we asked someone to take our picture he asked us if we were from here.


We talked about the ExMo Challenge. Shannon is looking mighty amazing if I do say so myself.

We talked about how this week we(Shannon and myself) did drink again, hesitantly and with some fear.

I know I don’t want to get back into the habit of nightly wine drinking but with this onslaught of heat I must say wine tastes pretty good to me.

I’m still working out hard and eating more protein, so I’m staying the course. But it’s a real issue trying to figure out how much alcohol you will allow or our able to stop/start back into your life.

On Friday I lost my iPhone.

I had a very good day without it.

I actually didn’t want to find it, at least not fast.

I thought about actually getting rid of it and going to a phone that just allows calls. I do like the iPhone for travel though.

So…my next ExMoChallenge will be iPhone related.

When Benny, my oldest, was little I didn’t have one, I simply checked my emails when he napped. My new goal is to not carry around my iPhone. I will use it when the kids are napping or at night or of course if I’m without them and NOT driving. Never when driving. 

As soon as I found my phone I felt my mind split again.

I felt the kids clamoring for my attention.

I’m so sick of that feeling. I’m tired of reading about news that scares me and leaves me almost immobilized constantly.

So, here we go, a break from the iPhone. A much needed break.

I don’t need to catch every single beautiful moment on camera.

IMG_2827 IMG_1667

OK, OK, you get the picture.

I need to capture their eye contact.

I also would rather have real time with humans. I’m kind of lonely, that’s another post though. And please don’t consider stalking me, I’m not THAT lonely. But I long for the image of these two older Iowa women who I watched sit on their patio and talk every day I last visited Des Moines, about 5 years ago.

I only saw the back of their gray heads but I was envious. So I need to work on building a porch, installing a swing and making and deepening friendships with people, in the flesh.

Love to hear from any of you that are challenging yourselves in different ways. Drop us a line if you have time.

Expressing Motherhood is Headed to Chicago in 3 Weeks

Expressing Motherhood is headed to Chicago in 3 weeks!


We’ve been doing interviews with our upcoming performers.

Have you read up on LA moms Shannon Noel, Stacie Burrows and Kim Allen-Niesen?

How about Boston moms Robin Maxfield and Elizabeth B. Soutter?

We’ve also highlighted Illinois moms Colleen O’Neill, Jayme Miller and Ohio mom Kendra Pinkelman.

To see the whole cast list click here.

Please help us let Chicago know we are coming.

Liking our Facebook page is a great way to help spread the word and of course sharing our info with your midwest friends.

We can’t wait!


Meet Upcoming Chicago Performer Colleen O’Neill

Colleen O’Neill is an Illinois mom who has plenty of experience on stage. She’s dynamic producer/writer/actor and we are happy to have her as part of our upcoming cast.
Where do you live, how many kids do you have, ages?
I live just outside the city limits, so I can have access to all the City of Chicago has to offer for less that half the property tax. 🙂  I have one little girl named Lola who just turned 9.
 How are you creative post children? How has it changed since pre-baby?
I am a working actress, writer and producer, so I spend the better part of the day trying to focus on being creative.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I think that I have become more creative since having Lola.  When she was a newborn, I had to find a way to be creatively efficiently, since I was writing and performing at Second City, auditioning and working full-time.  My first day back from maternity leave was the first day of the Los Angeles Film Festival where I worked 12-16 hour days for 10 days straight.  I was fortunate to be working for an organization that was supportive of both parents and the work we did outside of our time there.  I had Lola strapped to my body, wearing a custom LA Film Fest onesie that my husband made for her and life was good.  She is a very creative kid with an awesome sense of humor, so she challenges me to stay on my toes.  We spend a lot of time, as a family, creating stories, characters and laughing – a lot of laughing.  I guess you could say that we challenge each other to always be creative in all that we do.
When do you find time to create?
It’s a full-time job. I try to set aside school hours to be my most focused hours, but sometimes it doesn’t always work that way.  I learned a long time ago that flexibility is key.  That is hard for someone with a tendency to lean Type A.  I do my best work in the car, at the gym or when I first wake up and am trying to peel myself out of the sheets.  The busier I am the more I struggle with the ability to just sit and write for fun and a chance to explore, creatively.  It seems the more time I have the harder it is for me to produce.  I’ve gotten good at working under pressure and not having the luxury of a lot of time – the definition of motherhood?
How did you hear about ExMo?
My friend Inana, who I met when we were doing a play together in LA where we had to learn the famous Thriller dance and play dead models, sent me an email telling me all about the show, Lindsay and that I should absolutely do it.  It sounded like a fun show and something I would love to be a part of… and here I am.
What creative projects are you up to?
I am currently producing a fully-improvised web series with the first two episodes completed.  It is an exciting project where I try to pull together new cast and crew for each episode.  We start with a simple location and a very loose premise.  We don’t sit down beforehand.  The day of the shoot, we just go and see what comes.  That is what I love about improv – if you go in with an open mind, ready to listen and play, the outcome will never be what you expect.  Quite often, it will be better.  It is difficult to do a fully-improvised, on-camera project, because you need to deal with different shots and continuity and remembering the beats that worked and those that didn’t to recreate them without a script to guide you.  I like that challenge.  I am hoping to take the best of what comes from this series and put it in to a larger production.
I am also continuing to work on producing my first feature with my husband – he’s a screenwriter… super talented and adorable screenwriter. 🙂  This film is a labor of love.  It was a story we worked on together many years ago and have adjusted throughout our years together.  We decide a few years ago that this would be the one piece we would love to be able to make together.  The process has been a journey with major ups and major downs.  We’ve had stops and starts, but so much great feedback.  We are determined to see it through and hopefully it doesn’t kill us. 🙂
And, my biggest project is penning my first book.  Another crazy journey and another labor of love.
I am very excited to be a part of ExMo Chicago and looking forward to working with all these amazing ladies!