Submission Questions You Might Have

Listening to the birds sing...and watching the sun come up
Listening to the birds sing…and watching the sun come up

Submissions for our next show, which will be in Chicago, are opening up this Monday for one week. Here are some commonly asked questions with some answers to help you.

1. How long should it be?

5-6 minutes tops when read aloud. Make sure you read it aloud. Written versus read aloud is a big difference.

2. Are you looking for sketch comedy, monologues?

We are looking for all types of expression. We’ve had stand-up before, skits, song, still waiting for a dance number….

3.What topics are you looking for?

Whatever is close to your heart at this time. We do ask that your story be specific as opposed to general, motherhood is hard pieces.

4. Do I need to be an actor or writer?

NO way! We weren’t show runners when we started this. We built this in 2008 for the mom who just wanted to express herself!!!

5. Do I need to be a mom?

No. The first person we cast was a gay dad while I was scouting a theatre. We’ve had sons and women who haven’t been able to have kids on stage. Your story does need to tie into motherhood.

6. Should I send you more then one submission?

No thank you. Please just send one piece.

7. I’ve been thinking about submitting but I don’t think I could do this. Can I do this?

You should do this.


Submissions Open On Monday For Chicago

My boys and I were in the car last week and KCRW had a terrific set on. Including this piece by Little Jeans called “Oh Sailor.” My 3 year-old blurted out I love this song!

We had never heard it.

If you are vacillating as to whether or not you should submit. I would like to try and encourage you to.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

It’s not to late to write. Do it now, get off of Facebook and write. Grab a glass of wine, dig deep, go.

I look forward to reading your pieces come this Monday. Here is some music to inspire you.

Expressing Motherhood Discount For Chicago Hotel, Hawthorne Terrace

Amanda..The Roommate who went along with my plan!
Amanda..The Roommate who went along with my plan!

I am from Southeastern Michigan, so Chicago is very, very close…you can actually make it a day trip. But, I had never made it to Chicago until I was in college.

My roommate Amanda and I were in the middle of midterms and we had headed to TGIFriday’s for a meal we could afford…. an appetizer split between us.

We were burnt out.

I am not sure how the conversation went the way it did, but eventually I suggested something spontaneous…sporadic…crazy.

Where we were sitting in Ann Arbor that day, we could see I-94 that headed straight to Chicago. I had a penny in my hand and basically gave Amanda a “Hey..I know what we’re going to do today” kind of thing.

“I’m going to flip this coin. Heads…we get straight on the freeway and go directly to Chicago for the night…straight from this table. No packing. Tails..we’ll go back to the apartment and go on with our normal test-filled lives.”

She wasn’t buying it. But, being the salesperson I am (or the controlling boss, whatever you prefer), I convinced her we needed a break, and Chicago would be the best place to do it.

So, I flipped the coin.


Chicago it was!

Amanda did a good job of making me understand how important a clean pair of underwear and a toothbrush would be, so we went as fast as we could back home and grabbed a few basic necessities.

Then to Chicago we drove.

The Magnificent Mile
The Magnificent Mile

On the way there, we made our plans to call in sick to work in the morning ..we left our textbooks at home and had probably some great girl talk about how crazy this way, how irresponsible, how insanely fun.

We made it to Chicago…drove around until we found a hotel we could afford..or at least put on a credit card that would take us 10 years to pay off…and shopped Michigan Avenue.

I know we had fun..I know I kept hitting her in the legs with my shopping bags and I know we laughed and tried a new restaurant or two (all being put on previously mentioned credit card).

I sometimes like to do spontaneous things…this one went really well, except for the fact I lost my job due to it. 

At the time, I was working at a State Mental Prison..I was an assistant in the department of NGRI (Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity, which would be an amazing post separately)…and I thought it was a wise idea to confess my calling in sick to my hip supervisor, for a spontaneous girl trip to The Windy City.

Yeah..not so much. That same week, they decided not to renew my contract.

I have no regrets. I had a great time, had a single days rest and broke a few ‘rules.’

My first memory of Chicago is a spectacular one.

Heading back in the fall with Expressing Motherhood excites me greatly…and our hotel is booked.

Best Western Plus..Hawthorne Terrace
Best Western Plus..Hawthorne Terrace

We’re staying at The Best Western Plus, Hawthorne Terrace and they’ve graciously given an “Expressing Motherhood Rate.” If you’re traveling to Chicago to see the show in the Fall…I say take full advantage of this discount!

Book today…all the details are below.
See you in Chicago!

Simply ask for the Expressing Motherhood Rate!

The Best Western Plus, Hawthorne Terrace
3434 N Broadway, Chicago, Illinois 60657

“The Expressing Motherhood Rate”
$139.00/Night Double 2 Queen Bed Room
There are only 8 rooms available at this rate!!
You can get this discount (pending room availability) through 9/13/13.
Contact: Suzie

Safe travels!

Yes, We Want Stories From Grandmothers

Whenever I hear someone say I wish you had more stories from grandmothers, I respond, me too!


Expressing Motherhood accepts all stories about motherhood. Due to who is using the computers and what sources we tap into to help us spread the word about submissions we often do not get grandmothers.

So please help us spread the word, we would love to have your grandma share her story about motherhood.

Our next submission process opens up in two short weeks! June 24th to be exact.


Should I Submit?

If you have come to this site thinking about submitting, even just a little bit, I hope that I can persuade you to do just so.


First of all the power is in your story and since we all have stories to tell you’ve got some power right there.


A lot of people who have shared their stories about motherhood on stage have never been on stage before. Ever. Ever. Ever.

A woman who was just in our show told me that she was so glad she participated because even though the night before our first rehearsal she was regretting the decision, as soon as she showed up she began to know that it was a great move. She wanted to challenge herself.

This is Elizabeth Jayne Liu, not the one I'm speaking of, but this woman challenges herself daily and especially on Mondays.
This is Elizabeth Jayne Liu, not the one I’m speaking of, but this woman challenges herself daily and especially on Mondays.

I started the show with Jessica to challenge myself. As the same woman said, these opportunities to challenge ourselves grow slimmer.


You don’t have to be a mom to be in the show.

The first person I cast was a gay dad.

Your story needs to be your own about your experience in regards to motherhood, that part is true, but I’m sure you have one.

LA, 2010 show.
LA, 2010 show.

Being a part of Expressing Motherhood is exhausting. But it’s also rewarding, bittersweet, soul satisfying and all around unique. The bittersweet part comes when it ends because although you might be tired a lot of former participants just wish it could continue on a bit longer.

Our NYC cast in 2009.
Our NYC cast in 2009.

Again, if there is any part of you that is interested in pushing yourself, go for it. This is a great, nurturing environment to do just that.


Chicago Submission and Show Information

Expressing Motherhood is headed to Chicago this Fall.


We are excited to announce that we will be taking the show to a cool theatre called Stage 773 where we will be showcasing local moms on The Thrust stage which can seat 148.


Located on Belmont Avenue this space “acts to embody the vibrant spirit of Chicago-off-loop theater: We celebrate the creative process, supporting the work of actors, directors, writers…” We are so happy that we’ll be showcasing midwest stories about motherhood on stage there.

Submissions will open up Monday, June 24th and close Sunday, June 30th. For details on submissions please check our submissions page.

If you are even the smallest bit interested in being on stage sharing your story about motherhood I encourage you not to hold yourself back.

Many people have been blown away by the depth of the joy felt at experiencing the show from the performers side. There is time to write, you have a deadline, get to it!

Our show will take place:

Thursday September 19th at 8PM

Friday September 20th at 8PM

Saturday September 21st at 2PM and 8PM

Tickets will go on sale soon.

For those of your traveling from out of the city or state here is some information on nearby hotels.  Make it a girl weekend in the city!

We are looking forward to this immensely. I can’t wait to read your stories about motherhood.

Hollywood Fringe Festival: Gracie and Rose


The Hollywood Fringe Festival is coming up and they have offered Expressing Motherhood fans a discount to go see an interesting show called Gracie and Rose, a world premiere described as:

“Gracie and Rose” is a solo play with multiple characters written and performed by Anastasia Coon. Gracie and Rose are two women who fall in love in Wyoming in the late 1950’s. Gracie has been passing as a man, George, for some time, in order to do men’s work and live the way she feels most authentic.

Use the code “expressingmotherhood” to save $4 off the price of your ticket. Here is more about the show.

GRACIE AND ROSE — World premiere of Actor, Voice & Movement Specialist Anastasia Coon’s solo show GRACIE AND ROSE at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Gracie/George and Rose fall in love without a clue of what that means. They’re flying on instinct in their desire to be together with no reflection back from the people around them. They build a life together – hidden in love, while living in plain sight. As they contend with the intense demands of the land, the animals, and running a ranch, Rose wants to have a baby… with George.

Written & Performed by Anastasia Coon
Direction & Dramaturgy by Che’Rae Adams
Social Media Outreach Consultant (made possible by a Center for Cultural Innovation ARC Investing in Artists Grant) by Cindy Marie Jenkins

Sunday June 16 @7pm
Friday June 21 @3pm & 10pm
Tuesday June 25 @8pm
Friday June 28 @3pm
Saturday June 29 @10pm

Art of Acting Studio
1017 North Orange Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90038


TICKETS:$12 or PWYC for Hollywood Fringe Festival Participants June 16-21


Always Running Into Expressing Motherhood Alumni At Ladies Night Out In Burbank!

Luna Vine Wine Bar Tasting
Luna Vine Wine Bar Tasting. Shannon VerGow will open the bar soon in Burbank!

When women want to get things done, they get things done. In Magnolia Park Burbank, the small business owners (mostly women), have started what they call “Ladies Night Out.” It happens the last Friday of every month and over the past few years has become quite popular…drawing the attention of people outside of Burbank.

This is an event I don’t like to miss…it’s just a night where businesses stay open later than normal, the streets are lined with food trucks and I usually see several people I know…including Expressing Motherhood alumni!

Gayle & I
Gayle & I



Last night ran into Gayle Kolodny Cole! She performed in our most recent show here in Hollywood.

We laughed as both of us had just put up our thick curly hair, having no more patience for it.


Grilled Cheese Truck Line
Grilled Cheese Truck Line



Ladies Night Out in Burbank was recently featured on MSNBC as part of a special on Small Business Saturday. As I mentioned before, almost 80% of these small businesses in Magnolia Park are owned by women!