Meet V Reyes, Fighter, Survivor, Singer, Songwriter….Mother.

“If you’re looking for a sinner, here I am. If you’re looking for a beginner, here I am. If you’re looking for a someone who needs a second chance, here I am. If you’re looking for a fighter, here I am, If you’re looking for a survivor, here I am. If you’re looking for a someone who tries as hard as she can, here I am!” -V Reyes “Here I Am”

Yvonne and her son, Josiah
Yvonne and her son, Josiah

We, as mothers, have a story. More of a story than just our motherhood. Our stories consist of more than just the moments we are able to stand up and share on the Expressing Motherhood stage. We have moments that string together to write the sheet music of our lives on the path that we stand. At any moment, we can certainly stop and look behind us to see those moments clearly… moments that have changed us, molded us, carried us, taught us and helped define who we are.

Yvonne Reyes has a story, and in a way, I feel it’s just beginning.

Yvonne, or “V”, as she is called, is originally from Denver, Colorado. She now lives in Southern California where, as a single mother, works full time in an office to support her and her son, Josiah. V is a Christian artist who writes all of her own music. However, it’s not typical Christian Inspirational, as you immediately hear in the lyrics of her songs.

I met her a few years ago in the parking lot of our children’s school. What you first notice about V is her hair. Her stunning, gorgeous hair is almost filled with as much personality as she is. But, within seconds of talking with V, her hair takes a backseat to her grace, humility and presence.

In her “free time,” which we all know is an oxymoron for most mothers, V writes, plays and performs original music.

All her own.

Recently, while passing each other at school drop off, V handed me her sophomore album, Show Me Love. I put it in the CD player in the van and anxiously awaited the music to start. I listened to the title track and I couldn’t move.

Second album, Show Me Love
Second album, Show Me Love

You need not be a Christian to understand exactly what V presents in her music.
It’s honesty, humility and presence. It’s her truth.

With tears falling down my face, I immediately knew there was more to this woman than meets the eye. I couldn’t believe the sound of her voice….if you ever meet V, she’s a small woman…with a huge soulful, Nikka Costa type feel. But, it’s all her own. She sounds new…fresh and honest.

She graciously sat down with me to let me ask her more.

V left home at 13 years old. Her childhood contains stories and situations that I often think belong only in the movies or the news, including terrible experiences with foster care, drugs, alcohol and sexual abuse. She almost…almost…gave her son up for adoption, but at the last minute, knew she could not do it. After a brief fight, the adoption was able to be stopped and her son, Josiah, has helped her take “her eyes of off myself,” as heard in the song titled in his name, on her second album.

59767_162383430442176_1387644_n-1I had to sit with her, because once I knew some of her history, I needed to understand how anyone comes out on the other side of this praising God. She is a woman with a story. A story of fight, redemption and survival.

V has already stood on the stages inside the Honda Center and Madison Square Garden. She is a worship leader at PIHOP…. Pasadena International House Of Prayer…She has released two albums, performs in concerts, works full time and is a single mother, the job in which she is most proud.

Her ambition absolutely floors me.

VreyesI’m going to put it down in writing here, that I think a lot of people will know V Reyes soon.

“I have been broken, but not destroyed.
I pick up the pieces
There is a reason
I have been broken down to the core
My pride was no more
So I can be stronger than before.”

-V Reyes from “Broken” on her debut album Higher calling


Enjoy V singing a brilliant cover of Beyonce’s Halo. And sign up below to win a copy of her newest album, Show Me Love!

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Click HERE For more information and to hear a sampling of songs.

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Maria Shriver Interviewed Expressing Motherhood for the Today Show

Maria Shriver interviewed Expressing Motherhood for the Today Show today!

JessicaCribbs, Maria Shriver and Lindsay Kavet
Jessica, Maria Shriver and Myself.

Or as I like to say, Maria Shriver was in my backyard.

Jessica and I are honored to be interviewed by such a strong, smart woman like herself. Beyond honored.

Delighted, taken aback and downright giddy.

Yesterday when we found out this would happen we quickly threw ourselves into getting ready. Finding childcare, baking cookies, cleaning toilets and getting nails done were on this list.

I ran to TJMaxx and grabbbed a bunch of clothes and threw them on and posted them on Instagram hoping people with fashion sense could help me.

Trying on outfits for the Today show

Jessica woke up at 4:30 and a friend came over and helped her pick out an outfit.

At 10 a film crew showed up and Jessica pulled up with fresh cookies. I asked Jessica if she was nervous. I was.

Cut roses from the garden.

The producer reminded me the importance of the piece is what the show has brought to people.

Lindsay and Jessica wait for the interview

Then suddenly Maria Shriver was in my kitchen. We walked outside and sat down with her and she interviewed us. I enjoyed her openness with us off camera and her passion for  moms. Her determination to make moms feel comfortable with being moms instead of saying,  “I’m just a mom.”

Maria Shriver in the backyard

Nicole Blaine and Maria Shriver
Two time performer Nicole Blaine couldn’t believe Maria Shriver was in my backyard, either.

I hope that in the interview, which will air soon we will let you know when, the joy for this show is evident and the appreciation for the performers is great.

Today was a huge gift. Thank you Maria and crew.

Expressing Motherhood Gives Back

Expressing Motherhood gives a portion of our profits from every show to Family Care International.

25 years of making pregnancy and childbirth safer around the world.

We chose it because my father in law, Herb Kavet, started telling me how great micro financing projects can be. Jessica and I immediately gravitated towards Family Care International because we feel lucky to live in a place where we have so many options regarding childbirth, and realize that millions of women around the world do not have the same options.

In 2013 a woman dies from complications of pregnancy or during labor every TWO MINUTES. Family Care International is helping to make pregnancy and childbirth safer around the world.

Expressing Motherhood Performers Headed to Mom2Summit

Just wanted to tell all of our past and current Expressing Motherhood performers headed to Mom2Summit to have a great time!

I was all set to go but due to an illness at our home I just can’t get there. Two lessons for me: you can still get whooping cough even if vaccinated, and momma bear’s intuition can be just as telling as a trained doctor.

A big thank you to the Ritz-Carlton of Laguna for being understanding.

NYC performer Liz Gumbinner will be a keynote speaker as well as LA original cast member Rebecca Woolf.

Liz Gumbinner
Liz Gumbinner
Rebecca Woolf
Rebecca Woolf



Elizabeth Jayne Liu
Elizabeth Jayne Liu

Upcoming LA performer Elizabeth Jayne Liu is headed there too. Have fun ladies, I wish I could be there. I’m trying not to cry in my herbal tea too much.

Now, go empty your minibars.