Host Your Own Expressing Motherhood Party

We have been sending out a compilation of some of our performers to parents all over the states. States such as Kentucky, Iowa, Texas, Washington, well really almost all of them.


Host your own DVD party.

Think of it as the modern day tupperware party but one where you talk about feelings with your friends.

We still have a few free DVDs we can send out.

Simple email us at saying you are interested and giving us your address.

When you hold your gathering of friends grab some wine, watch a few or all of the performers and most importantly, talk.

We’d love to see your photos and have you guest blog about your night. Use the hashtag #expressingmotherhood.

Chicago Submissions & Theatre Dates Will Be Announced Next Week

We are locking down a theatre for Chicago. Hang in there. We will announce it by mid-week next week at the very latest.

Me at my grandpa’s lovely wives home in Cherokee, Iowa

I love this whole process of putting on the show.

I’m in the bathroom sketching artwork while giving my kids a bath so as to come up with some new Chicago artwork.

What a great day and age to be a mom.

A song I heard off of Jason Bentley’s show on KCRW has been playing over in my mind, it’s by Daughter and it’s a cover of a Daft Punk song called “Get Lucky.”

Midwest moms I hope you are drawing in some inspiration and carving out some time to create. I often find that some of my best work comes in short amounts of time because our time as mom is so limited in the alone department.

One of my family reunions back in Iowa.
One of my family reunions back in Iowa.

Submissions will be announced as soon as we lock down the theatre but submissions will be very soon, think end of June.

Happy Memorial Day!

My Grandfather, Robert E. Johnson
My Grandfather, Robert E. Johnson

Today is more than just BBQ’s. We celebrate the lives of the men and women who fought and are still fighting for our country…those who have lost their lives and those who survived.

I had the distinct honor of creating a project that will be forever treasured in our family,  called Laffey Men. My grandfather survived, something he should not have, and because of that, I am here.

He was an amazing man, and I am grateful he shared his story with me, our family and ultimately all of you.

To all of you and your family today, we say Happy Memorial Day!

Stretchy Pants to Heels & Skirts & Back Again

It’s been a very fun few weeks for myself and Jessica. With the Maria Shriver in my backyard incident, being on the Today Show and then getting to dress up and be surrounded by 13 wild and crazy moms in a small room and then met with applause, well pretty great.

There is always the re-adjustment to being back in my black stretchy pants daily.

Out of my stretchies.
Out of my stretchies.

I also miss hanging with the wonderful ladies I have just met or already know backstage. Friends and bloggers showing up to see the show. Just all of it.




Bethany Winters
Bethany Winters
Original cast member Rebecca Woolf came to see the show.
Original cast member Rebecca Woolf came to see the show.
Shannon, Beth and Stacie backstage.
Shannon, Beth and Stacie backstage.
Joya Weinroth
Joya Weinroth
The818 aka Morgan!
The818 aka Morgan!
This is what a fridge looks like when 15 moms get together with no kids or spouses.
This is what a fridge looks like when 15 moms get together with no kids or spouses.
Shannon and LIsa
Shannon and LIsa



Recent performer Laura Diamond captures the magic of being in the show pretty much perfectly in this video I snapped of her backstage.

At one point a woman looked at Jessica and myself after the show and asked us, “Who puts on the show?”

We paused for a second and looked at each other.

“We do,” we said laughing. Hard for us to believe too. But it’s true. Here I type in my stretchy pants trying to remind myself that it’s OK to step back into this mom mode but it’s OK that I step out of it as well.




Our Last Weekend

We have three shows left.

Tickets are still available for:

Friday @8PM


Sunday@7pM ***followed by our Q&A

Please allow ample time for street parking. Enter the theatre on Lillian Way.

Our house always opens 1 hour prior.

Expressing Motherhood Has 3 More Los Angeles Shows

We have three more shows set for this weekend at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood.

We’ll have our second ever Q&A with the cast after Sunday’s show and….

We will announce where we will be traveling to in the Fall for our next Expressing Motherhood show!

That’s right, we are taking it on the road.


We haven’t traveled since Boston in 2010 but since popping out a few more babies and really being done with that we have been listening to our guts and this is the right move for us now.

Plus the fun to be had, woo hoo!

We’ll announce this Sunday.

Kendra’s Current Russian Adoption Story

This is a guest post by 2 time performer Kendra Pinkelman. She is currently in DC campaigning to get the little boy she was set to adopt from Russia. We wanted to support Kendra and help her in any way we could. Here is her story:

A little over one year ago our family began a journey. Only we didn’t know how significant a journey at the time….

We were told by some friends about a program called “Journeys of Joy” that Friends of Russian Orphans ran each summer in Toledo, Ohio ( It consisted of orphan children coming to the US for 2 1/2 weeks and having a “camp experience” along with seeing what life within a family could be like. We thought this would be good for our children as they could see what it meant to truly have nothing and we selfishly thought about what we could do for whatever child we were paired with. Our family went through a mini-home study and decided what age and gender we most wanted to be matched with. I wanted a girl age 9 or 10. Interestingly, a few weeks later I received and email reading, “I would like to introduce you to the child you will be hosting this summer. His name is Eduard and he is 6 years old.” What?? No, that’s not what I ordered. Then a couple weeks following that email we saw Eduard’s picture and everything changed. You’ve heard of love at first sight? Well, it was kind of like that. But I was startled because I didn’t expect to care. It was for 2 weeks. No commitment. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Kendra with her daughter and the child they are trying to adopt in the middle, her husband and son on the right.
Kendra with her daughter and the child they are trying to adopt in the middle, her husband and son on the right.

As the day Eduard would arrive crept closer we prepared our home for his arrival. We gathered clothes, as we were told the children came with very little. We bought gifts. We bought foods he was familiar with. We were trained in attachment issues and Russian language. We were ready. Then we met and it was like our family was complete. I never wanted another child. I certainly never thought I could care for or love a child that wasn’t my own flesh and blood. Those 2 1/2 weeks were some of the most emotional of my life. The day Eduard came my husband began telling everyone we were adopting him. I was thinking, “Wait! This was NOT part of my plan.” I was fighting so hard to not let this kid into my heart because I never expected it, and it overwhelmed me. Each day my husband would ask me if I was a yes or a no to adopt and I refused to answer. I said I would wait until Eduard left to decide.

The children leaving was awful. Our whole family was sad. I assumed Eduard was excited to get back to Russia, so I asked him and he slowly shook his head no. I then asked if he liked being here with us and he answered, “da!” That was all I needed to hear. There were tears when he left, but I knew we would see him again. We started the process to adopt the day he left and never looked back.


We were invited by the Russian government to come see Eduard the week of Thanksgiving after submitting all the proper paperwork and required documentation. We were so excited to get to tell him that we wanted him to be our son, our brother. It was a wonderful two days that we were able to spend with him. He seemed surprised we were there and happy to see us. We had fun together and cherished the short time we had. As our time came to an end, we told him we would be back in 2 months for court and then come again 1 month after that to bring him home to America. We watched him drive away in a little bus, face pressed against the frosty window and looking sad.

Who knew that 3 weeks later our plan would come to a grinding halt due to politics? Christmas was awful. New Years held no new promise or expectations. For us, we couldn’t understand how this child who came to us – literally – may now never become part of our family. It made no sense. But we weren’t going to give up hope. We still felt he would come and we still do and we will continue to fight until he is here with us.

Today I write this from Washington, D.C. where myself, along with many other families trapped in the same situation have come to meet with our government officials and offer some ideas for solutions to address concerns the Russian government has regarding their children being adopted to the US. There are over 230 families and 300 children who have met and bonded, but are no longer able to become families. If you read some statistics you will understand why we want these children here, not go mention that since we saw their faces they were ours. We love them and we aren’t going away. That’s our bottom line.

Kendra Pink
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