Opening Night of Expressing Motherhood is Sold Out

Opening Night of “Expressing Motherhood” is sold out.

ExMo Brunch 2013

It’s no wonder with all of our wonderful sponsors and complimentary glass of wine for Ladies Night.

Saturday is nearly sold out.

Sunday, May 12th, Mother’s Day will have our first ever Q&A with the moms after they perform, plus we are being catered by Daphne’s. That means everyone who comes gets a free dinner from them.

Upcoming Performer LA Stylist Bethany Winters

The very stylish Bethany Winters will be performing with us in our upcoming show and we couldn’t be more nervous about what to wear, I mean excited! All joking aside Bethany is more than stylish, read her interview to get her advice on how to chase your kids while looking good and why she stopped blogging.

1. You are obviously a fashionable mom. I find that looking cute while chasing after my kids is a challenge. What are some basics we moms with young kids should have?

Bethany_Press Photo

While that is totally up for discussion, especially these days, I’m flattered. I still find it to be a daily challenge; I’ve always said that I can easily dress everyone else on the planet but myself. I know it sounds simple, but a good pair of jeans; buy a dark wash, that wont show dirt, in a style that flatters your figure. Yoga pants have sort of become the new mom jeans, and I have to admit it’s a ‘trend’ I loathe. If you’re going to the gym, that’s one thing, but it’s truly no harder to throw on a pair of jeans. I’m also a huge fan of tunics. I like cotton or chambray ones from J. Crew, the shirt kind with a collar – they somehow make me feel more pulled together than say, a tee shirt would. Pair them with ballet flats (I swear by Yosi Samra and own several colors) or flat riding boots, add accessories and you can easily go from the park to pick up without feeling so shlubby. Never underestimate a good accessory. You might not have time to shower, but with a great bag or scarf no one will ever know but you.

2. How has your fashion sense changed since becoming a mom?

Bethany with her beautiful boys.
Bethany with her beautiful boys.

It’s changed in a number of ways.

When I had my first son, I went from being on set and in meetings all the time to legitimately forgetting to brush my teeth. My whole world was fashion and then the next day it wasn’t. It was the complete opposite; I was disgusting and realized fairly quickly that I needed to run a little recon to reinvent how fashion was going to fit into my life. I have to admit that it was pretty ‘meh’ for a while since I lived in my maternity clothes until my son was a good four months old…okay, six. After that it just sort of evolved (thank God) and I founded my blog L.A. Stylist Mom since I thought there was no way I can be alone in this. I embraced wash and wear fashion more, stopped ironing and dry cleaning as much and found a way to feel somewhat attractive with poop in my hair. It’s a tough gig, motherhood and fashion, but the two can co-exist. Having two sons, my kid asked me the other day, “How come I had to get a fashion mom? Why couldn’t I get a sports mom?” I’ll still dress up at night and for client meetings, but with that “DONTTOUCHMETHESEPANTSARESILK!!!” caveat that I think all moms have.

3. You are a well-known blogger and you stopped blogging, correct? What was your decision to stop?

Pink Coat

I’ve been a stylist for 15 years and that’s always where my heart has been. I started L.A. Stylist Mom during a very long bed rest, both during and after my second pregnancy. As I mentioned, although mired in the industry for years, I too had a tough time reconciling my new position as a parent with my former ‘dry clean only’ life. My blog served as a platform to help others who also struggled, as well as to provide a creative outlet and temporary ‘career’ as it were, until I could ultimately go back to styling in real life. When I started there were only one or two other fashion blogs for moms and my decision to stop did not come easily. If I’m anything it’s brutally honest, and as I began to lose enthusiasm, I felt that that came through in my writing, curating, post-quality, etc. Not only was it unfair to me, it wasn’t fair to my readers. The only way I can really describe it is like wearing a shirt that’s too small. It had served its purpose and I had outgrown it, plain and simple. I think that any successes that I enjoyed while blogging, were a direct result of what I put into it and I could feel that waning. That said, the friendships and connections that blogging has afforded me are mind blowing…MIND BLOWING. I’ve met some of my very best friends to this day and forged business relationships that never would have otherwise happened. I miss her sometimes L.A. Stylist Mom…

4. How does LA inspire your fashion sense?

Bethany Winters Self Portrait

I love L.A. so much, like it’s a part of me – we have the same birthday! How weird that I know that, right? I’m an east coast girl (Baltimore by way of Connecticut) and grew up with a very New England-y, formal, dress-for-dinner-sensibility. I’ve been a Cali girl for 20 years now and I truly cannot imagine being anything else. L.A. style is in my blood, so much so that I sometimes worry that I wont remember how to ‘do’ anything else. L.A. women have an ease and confidence about them, while not trying too hard. I love inherent Los Angeles street style; not over-produced hipster stuff, but teenage girls in The Valley, or groups of kids at the beach. That’s where real fashion starts, in the streets, and L.A. has never left me wanting more in the people watching department. That said, it’s definitely evolved in the past decade as far as having it’s fair share of ‘legitimate’ designers. People are always comparing L.A. to N.Y. fashion-wise, as if L.A. is sub-par. What I think people don’t understand is that we’re not trying to be N.Y, nor would we want to. It’s not a competition, we’re just ourselves and I love that.

Bethany Winters in car
Don’t miss hearing and seeing Bethany at our upcoming show.


The Founder of Precious Preemie Project

I was lucky enough to bump into Raquel on the streets of Montrose during an art fair. We started talking about our individual mom projects. Turns out she started a project that takes hand knitted hats for babies in NICUs. Here is her story, written by Raquel herself:



After struggling with fertility and finally getting pregnant, I was excited to give birth and finally my ‘little bundle of joy’. With each passing week, I grew more and more curious about what my baby will look like. I fantasized about her height, the sound of her voice, the softness of her hair. I wondered what she would smell like and the types of questions she would ask me. I dreamed of us taking walks together and rolling in the grass.
Each time she kicked or rolled around in my stomach, my amazement and attachment to my child grew. As the weeks passed, I thought more and more about prematurity and coaxed my baby to stay in my tummy as long as she wanted.

I knew the physical and emotional needs a premature baby might need and I silently hoped that my baby would not come early.

One day in late autumn, my healthy daughter was born. Not only did she not come early, but she decided to stay in my tummy an extra 5 days.

While I visited my daughter in the hospital’s nursery. I saw premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. I saw their tiny bodies. I saw nurses. I saw worried parents. I saw tubes, machines and heard lots of beeps. My heart ached and I knew that I must do something to help these little babies and their families….the video below tells my story.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift for Los Angeles Moms

If you live in Los Angeles or SoCal and are looking for something special to do on Mother’s Day “Expressing Motherhood” is a great gift idea.


Dads, take your ladies out. Ladies take your ladies out. Wives take your wives out and so on and so forth.

Our show will entertain and move you. It starts at 7PM on Sunday, our house opens at 6PM. We serve wine which can be drank in the lovely theatre. Daphne’s Greek Cuisine is catering our Mother’s Day show. Yes, free food along with your $20 ticket.


Our friends over at MomsLA have nicely hit on some great brunch spots for Mother’s Day. So get some brunch and then come on over.

Our first ever Q&A with our fantastic cast will follow right after the show ends.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Sleepy Planet is Casting for Moms Show

Jill and Jen over at Sleepy Planet have let us know that they are casting for a TV show. Here is the information they sent us, including contact info if you are interested.


First and foremost, thank you all for the encouraging response to our announcement of a potential television show that plans to focus on a community of moms as they participate with us in a baby group and work together to navigate motherhood.
We have exciting new details and developments to share about the show! We are thrilled to announce that we are working with Emmy award-winning Magical Elves to cast a pilot for this show for a major cable network. We are looking for 8 mothers with children age 5 or under to be part of our cast.  To be clear, the emphasis of this docu-reality series will be you and your relationships and challenges juggling motherhood, not your baby’s personal development. We recognize that this type of exposure will not be for everyone, but you may know a mom who would be a perfect fit for the show. We always want to keep our community of moms informed and involved!
What are Magical Elves looking for in a cast member? Magical Elves, the producers of Top Chef, Project Runway (seasons one through five) and Fashion Star are looking for 8, dynamic mothers who will take part in a truly honest, irreverent look at motherhood and all that comes with it. As part of the show, all of the moms who are cast will participate with us in a baby group. As a group we will share our struggles, parenting breakthroughs and triumphs. Magical Elves are interested in your unique perspective and attitude towards motherhood and relationships. There are so many silly moments and unique situations for a mom of young kids, they are especially looking for moms who know how to laugh and have fun, but always tell it like it is.
Magical Elves would love to find a group or groups of women who are true friends and already live in each other’s worlds. As the show will be exploring your parenting friendships and perspectives, established relationships can offer compelling stories. Women who already know each other inside and out are ideal candidates.
This is a fun & groundbreaking opportunity to shine a light on mothers, baby groups and the great bonds that you all share with each other on this journey with a new baby in your life.
If you want to hear more or if you or someone you know is interested in being considered for the show, please email Casting Producer Noelle Cain Include a few photos, a short biography and contact information. Please be sure to let Magical Elves know the extent of your prior involvement with Sleepy Planet, if any.
Many thanks to all of our beloved community of moms for your continued support and encouragement!Love,
Jill Spivack & Jen Waldburger
Co-Founders, Sleepy Planet
Co-Creators, The Sleepeasy Solution

Meet Joya Weinroth

Joya with Hattie, 7 and Chandler, 2
Joya with Hattie, 7 and Chandler, 2

This is Joya.

Joya will be performing in the show opening Mother’s Day Weekend. She is a mother to two beautiful girls ages 7 and 2, a wife to Josh and a writer/producer on the weekday morning show at KTTV.

She also studied Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College in Boston.

As I was planning on sharing Joya with all of you anyway today, I’d like to also share with you that she has spent a lot of time in the streets of Boston where the bombings happened this week. She also was in the newsroom at FOX in Los Angeles helping to report the story to all of us here watching and listening closely.

I talked to Joya this morning and she shared this with me:

On campus in Boston
On campus in Boston

“Its hard to put into words the sadness I feel for the city of Boston. I am overwhelmed with emotions as I sit and cover this act of terrorism for our morning show. I adopted Beantown in my heart when I started Emerson College. While I left nearly 14 years ago, its still a place that feels like home. The news of the bombings shook me to my core, because I walked those very sidewalks nearly every day for five years. The two jobs I had through college (and beyond) were located on Boyleston Street, both of them within steps of the bombing sites. I know what its like there on Marathon day… the excitement, the crowds. So today I say a prayer for Boston, for my fellow Emersonians and most importantly, for those who lost a loved one in this senseless and horrific tragedy.”

Joya is a very amazing, strong and talented woman. She has seen a few Expressing Motherhood shows in the past few years and says “… I love it. I find each show brings laughter and tears.”

When I asked her what made her decide to submit, she replied, “I always had the notion that I wanted to submit, but not before I had something real to say. I wanted my story to have substance. The piece I submitted was healing for me. Telling that story helped me grow and I hope it helps others grow as well. I’m simultaneously thrilled and scared to death to be on a stage!”

Joya at her daughter's school fundraiser
Joya at her daughter’s school fundraiser

Joya says she’s “just starting to get back in touch” with her creative side.”

She says “There are also rare days where I specifically set out to write. I put it on the calendar, I find a quiet corner of a coffee shop or library and I just go to town! Those are life affirming days because I feel so accomplished when they are done! (and then I crave another!)”


We are looking forward to having Joya grace the Expressing Motherhood stage in May.

The Boston Marathon Explosion-Insight From My Mother-In-Law

My husband is from Boston.

So I hesitated a second before reading him the breaking news today.

I can only imagine if a place where I was from, say Des Moines, Iowa had similar breaking news, how I would react.

My husband’s mom is 71. She wrote about today in her Facebook status. Her eloquent words speak loudly. I have actually rarely seen her post a Facebook status, perhaps never?

She helps at nearly all of our shows so if you have attended an Expressing Motherhood chances are high that you have seen her.

Here are her words about today:

You have to live near Boston to know how unique and wonderful Patriot’s Day is here in Massachusetts. Patriot’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated in no other state in the US. By 5:30 am thousands of people have crowded into Lexington to watch the enactment of the Battle of Lexington, with men dressed like Minutemen and British Soldiers confronting each other on the town green. The Red Sox play baseball starting at 11 am so the game will end just in time for the crowds to empty out of the ballpark and cheer their friends and neighbors who are running the famed Boston Marathon. Families take their children to favored spots all along the marathon route to support these dedicated runners, many of whom are raising money for a charity dear to their hearts. In downtown Boston, family members wait near the finish line to congratulate their loved ones for a job well done. Everyone who runs the Boston Marathon says that the crowds are the best anywhere. Today in Boston the unbridled joy of Patriot’s Day has been changed forever. Our hearts go out to all those innocent people who have been wounded or who have died.

Ladies Night Is Almost Sold Out

Don’t delay if you are interested in attending opening night, our Ladies Night Out.

Expressing Motherhood’s opening night is almost sold out.

We are almost to full capacity and it is clear to see why. On top of the talented women who will be on stage your ticket gets you a complimentary glass of wine and a goody bag with goods from:

Bellies, Babies and Bosoms


It Takes a Village


Alexandra Wrote


Sara Horne Jewelry


Boston America


Our First “Talk Back”

Expressing Motherhood will host it’s first ever “Talk Back” after our Mother’s Day performance.

Right after the show we will invite members of the audience to ask our cast questions.

Feel free to stay and find out more about the moms who have just bared their soul to you.   Most of the cast met yesterday for a lovely brunch and here is a photo of them. Get your ticket now!

ExMo Brunch 2013