Two Time Performer, Sarah Maizes, Has My Children Obsessed

Sarah and her children
Sarah and her children

Sarah Maizes is a two time performer in Expressing Motherhood. She’s the mother of three, a writer, performer and now children’s book author. Last year, Sarah offered to give us a copy of one of her recently published books for giveaway in Expressing Motherhood.

She sent me two copies….so, naturally, I kept one for myself. That’s natural, right?

On My Way To The Bath is a very fun book indeed. I would venture to say that the hilarious antics of the child in the book can hit close to home for most of us when attempting to give a child a bath or anything else, really.



Sarah has had great success with this book, and I can see why. My children have been obsessed with it for weeks. We read it over and over and over, in the same night.





What has been saving us (Or me) from the redundancy of reading the same book over and over again is my 5 year old son. First of all, he can read, so we take turns being the child and the mom in the book…and we get animated…we don’t just read the book, we perform the book for each other. It’s a lot of fun!

My son’s obsession is performing this book for us.




Last night, however, my son read the entire book to us on his own before bed.

Those are truly spectacular moments.

NYC Moms Don’t Miss “She’s History”

Amy Simon has performed for us here in LA. She’s a wonderfully supportive woman who has immersed herself in the theatre world for a long time.

She will be performing at the Museum of Motherhood in NYC, Thursday May 2nd with her show, “She’s History.” Amy poses this question to people, “Why do we know more about Kim Kardashian than Abigail Adams?”

For more info see below.


“Late Night” by Foals

Today after trying to get ready with two little ones clinging to my skirt in the closet I left them with an unfamiliar babysitter feeling guilty.

Only I was leaving to go see my son’s first piano recital. I was feeling guilty knowing I’d feel bad if I didn’t go.

Basically, I was surrounding myself in guilt.

I turned on KCRW and heard this song, “Late Night” by Foals and I just kept turning it up louder and louder. Smiling at the irony but also really enjoying the song.


Late Night by Foals

Oh, I hoped that you were somebody,
someone I could count
to pull me to my feet again,
when I was in doubt.

Oh now Mama, do you hear me
calling out your name?
Oh now Mama, do you hear me
calling out your name?

Calling out your name?

Now I’m the last cowboy in this town.
Empty veins and my plastic, broken crown.

They said I swam the sea then ran aground.
They said I once was lost, but now I’m truly found.

And I know the place but not the wave.
I feel, I feel no shame.
Oh now Mama, do you hear my fear?
It’s coming after me!

Calling out your name!
Calling out your name!

Stay with me.
Stay with me.

Then you threw your heart away.
Oh I know just what to say.
Through the phone cord; it can wait.
We’ve still got time to say.

And I know you ran away.
Oh I know but I’m feeling okay.
But now I found love and the feeling wont go.
Now I found love but the feeling wont go!
See you walk away!
Feeling okay, now!
Happy now?

Stay with me!
Stay with me!
Stay with me!
Stay with me!



Type A For Expressing Motherhood

Alex Asher Sears is generously donating and creating something using her calligraphy skills via Type A  for all patrons to our opening night, Ladies Night Out.


I love her bio on her website:

Born in the shade of the Hollywood sign, Alex Asher Sears was raised within a family of artists and filmmakers.

As a screenwriter, journalist, and editor, she writes online and in print, about film, family, fashion, Frenchies, fotos, food allergies – and those are just the f-words.

Some of her creations.
Some of her creations.

I spoke with her on the phone and she was so enthusiastic about supporting theatre in Los Angeles and for that I can’t thank her enough!

Our tickets are selling like hot pancakes so don’t wait too long. Our opening night is half way sold out already.


Our Goody Bag for Opening Night: Sara Horne Jewelry

Last night I had the treat of attending Red Dress Event by the American Heart Association with The Fab mom, Jill Simonian.

Jill Simonian
Jill Simonian

We had no idea it was fashion week or that you should never show up early or on time for  an event for fashion week. Being moms, we did both.

We waited from 7:30 until 10:00 downtown at the Vibiana to see the ladies strut their stuff. But we laughed a lot, gawked at the fashion and shopped. I met local jewelry designer Sara Horne.

Sara Horne Jewelry
Sara Horne Jewelry




Expressing Motherhood is happy to report that Sara will be giving away pieces of jewelry to everyone who attends Ladies Night Out. Just one more fun reason to get out and see the show.

Thank you Sara!

Meet Abby Kohl

Los Angeles mom Abby Kohl will be sharing her story with us in our upcoming LA show.

Abby Kohl
Abby Kohl

Abby Kohl is the mother of four wonderful children ages fourteen (Levi), twelve (Esther), eight (Abra) and six (Goldie).  She has been married to her complex, loving and intelligent husband, David for seventeen years.  They live in West Los Angeles.

Originally form the suburbs of Chicago, she has studied acting since she was a kid and has taught children’s theatre for the past 20 years.

We look forward to hearing her on stage soon!

Expressing Motherhood Will Be Contributing to What The Flicka!

We are excited to announce that Expressing Motherhood will be contributing on Felicity Huffman’s site, What The Flicka!

Felicity Huffman
Felicity Huffman

We look forward to meeting more creative moms out there and spotlighting the ones we already know. Creativity and motherhood often initially meet each other in a long stand off. Once things get going we’ve found creative women are not stopped just because they become mothers. There are so many interesting creative journeys going on for you moms out there and we look forward to talking about them.