Sprak Off Rose, December 3rd

Spark Off Rose is a spoken word series at The Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica. Each month they invite seven people to write and perform personal narratives (read: true stories from their lives) inspired by a chosen theme.

They have been very supportive of Expressing Motherhood, their Co-Executive Producer Karin Gutman has been to a few of our shows and always includes our information with the LA story telling community. And it is a small world, yes, even in LA, that way.

A former performer, Susan Sheu, just let me know that they have an upcoming show on the December 3rd. “In The Dark” at The Theatre Palisades. Tickets are $15. More info can be found on their website. Susan’s friend Lizzie Ziegler will be sharing her son’s birth story at the show.

Music and Buses

What I find interesting about being a mom is thinking myself prior self versus my current self. I feel very much the same but yet as if the world sees that I exist on a whole different planet. Planet mom.

Tonight as my husband and I took out our three kids to Barney Beanery and ate fried, crappy food in a bus I looked at the young waitresses and thought about how they might see me.

As a mom. Of course.

But I refrained from talking to our leggy waitress about how just yesterday I was waiting tables. And I was always so relieved to know that the tables I waited on were filled with families that weren’t mind. I could simply glide to the next table. Incredibly un encumbered, with the world as my oyster.

Then I was introduced to this song tonight and the intimate nature of Lou Dollion’s voice just kind of resonated with me. Wanted to share the song and the mental image of me eating on a bus.



The Lily Sarah Grace Fund

There is an event coming up on December 2nd in Pasadena from 1-4PM that sounds all around like a great event.

I found out about it via one of our original cast members, Rebecca Woolf. 

Last Christmas Matthew Badger lost his three daughters to a fire in Stamford, Connecticut.

Matthew has amazingly created this fund to support arts education in underfunded public schools all across America.


The event will have music, arts & crafts and is kid friendly. My kids and I have already bought ticket and will be there.

If you can not make it and/or live outside of LA you can donate here.


Krissy Gibson-Donnelly

I only met Krissy Gibson-Donnelly once.

It was at Polly’s funeral.

She was friends with one of Polly’s friends, Inana. Inana and I knew each other. I could tell Inana was very close to Krissy and I watched them interact jealously and very sadly that night knowing I didn’t have my close friend to interact that way with anymore.

Krissy lived up the same canyon in Hollywood as I did and she was such a cool person that I would continually ask Inana about her the times Inana and I would get together, mostly in her very sweet way of coming to see Expressing Motherhood once Polly past.

Inana told me that Krissy was battling cancer.

I was very saddened to hear that Krissy passed away on November 13th from it.

I found this article written by Noreen Fraser, the founder of Stand Up to Cancer, about Krissy and it speaks about Krissy’s desire to be a mom. How she was planning to adopt after her ovaries had to be removed.

It has really struck me.




Nicole Blaine Does Stand Up

So many of our former performers have been performing around town.

Expressing Motherhood will be out supporting past performer Nicole Blaine on December 2nd at Flappers as she does some stand up.

Here is the info:

November 27, Tuesday, 9pm. Burbank

Michael’s Bar and Grill
2825 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, California 91505
NO COVER, FREE parking, 1/2 priced happy hour appetizers from 9-10pm and 15% off food and drinks with your KCRW Fringe Benefits Card all night long!

December 2, Sunday, 7pm. Burbank

Flappers Comedy Club
102 East Magnolia Boulevard  Burbank, CA 91502
Performance in the Yoo Hoo Room
$10 tickets at the door or buy in advance at:

Wordless Wednesday

With 1 1/2 hours to myself today…I headed to a local Starbucks to make several lists…and cross things off. Thinking of you and your last performance Susanna Morgan! What you dont see in this picture is several notebooks and a latte with enough espresso to power a car. Happy Wednesday 🙂

Make it Count….Vote!

It does not matter who you are voting for…or what measures you are voting to approve or not approve, it’s your right to vote..make it count.

I am proud to personally come from a history of family in the military..and those brave men and women have secured our country to remain the Democracy it is. I am proud of the women…and a few brave men who have fought for my personal right, right here in this country, to have freedom of my voice. It’s my right to vote…and I will make it count!

Have a great election day! See you at the polls.


Musical Inspiration

I get a lot of musical inspiration from KCRW.

Namely, Anne Litt.

Heard a great song the other day titled “Nothing is Wrong” by Mika Ben-Yami.

At first I thought of it in the context of saying it to your child every day, thinking she was a mom saying it to her child.

“Don’t you cry, don’t be shy, stand up straight, here it comes

Say goodbye, don’t you cry, hold yourself, don’t forget – 

You are strong, move along”

Here is a link to the full lyrics.

Here is the video.



Lynea Strelkoff to Perform Next Week in LA

Past performer Susan Sheu just let me know about a great night out next week here in Los Angeles.

“For The Better – Honoring 10 Years of Paralysis”, is written by a Los Angeles mom, Lyena Strelkoff. Here is a bit about her from her website:

My name is Lyena Strelkoff. I live in the Los Angeles area with my husband, Dean, our one-year old son, Aidan, and my service dog, Reba. I’m a speaker, writer and performer, more or less in that order, and I LOVE my job. I also love cooking and eating gourmet health food (no, not an oxymoron), listening to funky female power pop, and dancing my heart out.

I’m also paraplegic. In 2002, I fell 25 feet from a tree and broke my back. Everything I do, I do from a wheelchair. That makes my life challenging sometimes, but it doesn’t define it and it certainly doesn’t ruin it. Incidentally, I don’t believe it makes me a hero either. What I am is a woman creating, working, loving, mothering, learning, laughing and growing, in the context of disability. I’m happy to say it’s a wildly satisfying life – wickedly hilarious, sometimes stupidly hard, mundane and beautiful, and, well, pretty much everything in between.

Tickets and more information can be found here.

The Write Club

We had such a good time getting out and seeing Wendy Hammer’s show “Ripe” we are doing it again, soon.

November 12th.

JJ Keith, who performed in our most recent show here in LA will be participating in Write Club.

JJ Keith, LA mom and writer.


Here is a bit about it via the site:

2 opposing writers
2 opposing ideas
7 minutes apiece
Audience picks a winner.
Writers compete for cash going to a charity of their choosing.

“Literature As Blood Sport”

The winner is based off of applause, Expressing Motherhood people are headed that way. Moms + beer = crazy applause for JJ.

And if Brad Pitt shows up circa whatever year he shot “Fight Club” without his shirt on there will be a lot of screaming.