Information on The Next Show: Downtown LA

Expressing Motherhood is headed to the  historic Downtown Independent Theatre for our next show.


The show will be April 22nd, one night only, at 7:30PM.

Tickets on sale soon.

The modern theatre seats 236, wine, beer, candy & popcorn are sold inside. Nearby lots surround the theatre where parking can be found. The venue is located on Second and Main St, right near where skid row meets Little Tokyo.


Submissions for this show will be accepted February 16th, again one day only.


Looking forward to being in yet another location in Los Angeles.  As ExMo has since it’s origins in ’08 diversity of stories is being sought so please help spread the word about the show.


Thank you,





ExMo News: Submissions & Private Mommy Tonk Show

Expressing Motherhood will accept submissions for one day only, February 16th. Be a part of the upcoming Spring LA show.


The show dates will be announced by the end of this week.

The second event going on will be a private viewing of ExMo alums Mommy Tonk. Dinner, drinks & MommyTonk included. Tickets are $40 and all proceeds go to TIOH. Buy your ticket here.


Expressing Motherhood continues to crop up on Spotify so listen for select stories there.


Submissions Open 2.16.14 For the Next Expressing Motherhood LA Show

Submissions will be open for one day only, Monday, February 16th, 2015 for the next LA Spring show.


Details about how to submit can be found here.

Details on the theatre will be posted ASAP. Along with dates and times.

Please spread the word to your friends who might be interested in submitting. There is no audition process, no need, I don’t believe in that for this kind of show. Just need your story, when read aloud, 5 minutes or less.

Looking forward to it.



That’s A Wrap

Expressing Motherhood just wrapped its two weekend run in Silver Lake. A huge thank you to all of the performers and all of the audience members.


I have been producing this show for 7 years now.


As I drove home on Saturday night I was filled with a calm happiness that I knew would be brief but utterly connected me to all that brings me joy.

Backstage is a show in itself.

10868038_10152878496562974_3291218208354362400_n 10417741_10152868766877974_7101707551438547846_n 10425154_10152875766147974_3267797574937134229_n

A bonding similar to summer camp happens only much quicker and without the ugliness. There is lots of drinking; water, tea, coffee, wine, bourbon. Lots of stifled laughing and shushing from me.

There are moments I can’t share but really are a story all unto themselves.

Then there are the brave performers who sit under the blue light going over their words. Most of them coming off a regular day, watching kids or working.


Then transforming themselves in the dressing room and braving the audience night after night.


Every night in theatre is different.

As Loretta Fox whispered to me “It’s live theatre!” As I tried to fix something happening backstage, we both shrugged and smiled.

10429349_10152867484892974_6454077587546240989_n-1 10511267_10152867484722974_5357593457620148005_n-1

It’s live and lively and makes me feel totally alive.

ExMo alum Peggy, Shannon, Anna and Nicole.
ExMo performer Elizabeth Jayne Liu.
MommyTonk with Mixed Clothing owner Sonia showed up!
ExMo performers Stacie and Susanna Morgan.

10511267_10152867484722974_5357593457620148005_n-1 10429349_10152867484892974_6454077587546240989_n-1I love my kids but man do I love this show.

I’m not sure when I will put on the next one but please like the ExMo Facebook page to know when submissions will be held.

I’ll upload the pieces that the performers have OK’d for video soon. Lori already uploaded her’s here.

Be on the listen for ExMo stories via Spotify.

Again, a huge thank you. I can’t wait to do another show.


Three Shows Left

If you were lucky enough to watch our opening weekend then you were probably filled with emotion over the brave LA women pouring their hearts out to you.


Thank you to all for driving as far as you did, I’m talking to you West Siders.


ExMo performer  Michelle Villemaire posted three of her favorite comments from audience members and I wanted to post them here:

“It was so good! I want to come every night!”

“That was amazing! I was sad when it ended.”

“OMG! I don’t normally go out because I like to be home in my pajamas but I was really happy to be here and I didn’t want to be home in my pajamas at all!!!”

10805569_10152861278982974_8552672318442483759_n 10511267_10152867484722974_5357593457620148005_n

Saturday, closing night, is sold out but tickets remain for Thursday and Friday.

Deep gratitude for all who came out. Please like us on Facebook, tell your friends and look for us on Spotify.

Thank you,




Opening Night is Tomorrow

After our two rehearsals, during this much needed rainy week in LA, I can tell you that the show is going to be tight.


Seats are still available for opening night.

Here are a few things to know:

The house will open 1/2 hour before showtime. Showtime is 7:30PM for all shows.

This weekend we have shows:

Thursday, Friday, SUNDAY

Next weekend we have shows:

Thursday, Friday, SATURDAY

Please allow yourself ample time to find street parking. The show starts promptly at 7:30PM.


Alcohol and food are sold at the theatre, arrive early to ensure your drinks and food are ordered in time and yes you can drink in the theatre!

There is a fantastic Mexican restaurant within walking distance.

More details here.

Cash or credit cards are accepted at the door for walk-ups.

See you at the theatre darlings.


First Rehearsal: Stories from LA Moms

As I drove home from the first rehearsal I was listening to something on 89.9. They were talking about how there were so few great roles for women in Hollywood that they were having a hard time coming up with enough nominations for the Oscars.


I had just left a room full of LA women whose stories were all bold and swept you up, tossed you around and left you shaken but for the better.

1377455_10152854676507974_6905089983957841021_n 1441551_10152854383932974_3115845542034171612_n


Women, some of which have worked in the entertainment industry or been married to men who have. I wanted to scream into the radio, I have those stories, in a small theatre in SilverLake!


Today’s rehearsal had us all listening. It was really, really good.

1920429_10152854540602974_5030035949641245420_n 10407754_10152854696942974_8125771907715413920_n 10419382_10152854858712974_6099939363998757204_n 10422432_10152854694457974_2367661556775462131_n

Expressing Motherhood is not on the mainstream radar of LA(I love being the underdog) but damn this show should sell out.

These women are fantastic.

Get your ticket.


To Share Or Not To Share

I sporadically share a lot on the internet. Lately though I’ve been censoring myself from sharing. I mean really I always have shared but when it gets beyond just making myself look ridiculous some family members have grown uncomfortable.

I’ve been known to make goofy videos.



Share some stories about my struggle with anxiety and drinking a bit too much wine for a bit too many years.

After pushing post, sometimes I think of deleting them, sometimes I do. More often I struggle with the more revealing pieces, not the silly videos where I look awful and am doing something like pretending to be a man masturbating in a park. It was all in the name of road safety.

At couple’s counseling a few months ago, with a counselor we love, she told me I do need to keep my husband’s feelings into consideration when I share. He’s not a social media person.

He has worked with many people in the public spotlight  and is not envious at all of how much attention the person receives. My guy likes to lay low. I respect him for that and sort of think he’s a cool guy because of it.

I blurted out in therapy, but I’m an artist!

Then the counselor said, well you still need to think about his feelings and your kids. They’ll find these posts. Think about celebrity kids, they have no choice. Then I felt a little dirty.

First off, I’m no celebrity at all but here are these people who are trying to protect their kids from exposure and I’m exposing my family and feelings for what?

Because it’s cathartic. Though I do not talk too much about my kids and I closed my personal blog down in ’08 when the show started taking off, I became nervous about all I had written.

I spent so much of my youth very quiet. I became quite shy in social situations when I became about 12. I could barely talk in front of boys. Once at camp an older boy said, what, you think you can sit there, not saying anything and just look pretty.

I remember it gutting me.

I kept secrets about my family sealed behind my lips. And in their containment the weight and sadness that built up inside me consumed me more then not.

When I moved to LA I loved out easily people swore and shared their  stories. It made me laugh. I was still pretty shy and then finally I just started sharing and opening up and laughing at myself and I’d gained distance from secrets and I began to feel myself changing.


Then ironically, I co-created Expressing Motherhood, I was the kind of person who would skip speech class and receive an F for my fear of public speaking was something that would leave me very scared.

On Veteran’s Day this week at my kids’ school some dads spoke about their time serving. The second father who spoke, an older father, talked about being drafted into the Vietnam war. My 4 and 3 year-old were starting to lose it and I was quietly making our way our of the sanctuary when I heard the speaker get quiet.

He suddenly could not speak he was overwhelmed with emotion.

I’m sorry, I never really speak of this, he said.

And he could not continue, he said it just meant a lot to him and brings back many memories. I choked back tears and handed my kids my phone as I just dropped to my knees  as walking out at that time seemed incredibly rude.

The other men rubbed his shoulders and it was a profound morning for me.

I understand that even if he had been seeking counseling and talking about what had happened to him in Vietnam perhaps he would still be choked up but the fact that he said he never really spoke of that time and to see all the emotions overwhelm him, just made me think about the power of sharing our stories.

Getting them out of our systems so they don’t weigh us down in shame or sadness.

This is a turning into a long post. What am I setting myself up for an excuse to share more with you?


My struggle with anxiety is daily but so much better. The hardest times for me are immediately upon waking. I try to do a free Mindfulness audio recording and I also take .5 mg of xanax.


I recently switched my heart medicine to taking it at night in hopes I won’t be as sleepy. It is indeed making me less sleepy during the day but my body or mind is just a little nervous towards the change.

But with more water, way less alcohol(little to none wine, a glass of beer is my go to I feel like there’s less sugar) no caffeine, exercise, calling friends, baths, mediating and yes a little xanax I’m able to function and do so calmly.

I feel like I’m trying to undo some harm I have brought upon this house over the last few years. Due to my own rage and sadness. And those were feelings that have been with me since childhood.

My daughter on a swing recently.
My daughter on a swing recently.

Just because I left a house doesn’t mean I got to leave the emotions at the door.

I have sadness at too many explosions at my children over the last few years and am staying so much calmer. It saddens me that I did that but I’m hopeful with my calmness now(of course I occasionally slip) I will re-gain their trust.

Anger and anxiety are often dance partners I’m learning.

So, here it is 7:26AM and I’ve shared more then some would like but even if I don’t share my stuff is still here. Your stuff is there.

It’s just proving to be a more interesting and comfortable place to live when I share versus keeping secrets close to my heart and letting them eat me up.

Thank you to those of you who have emailed me with your own struggles with anxiety. It means a lot to me.


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