Celebrate Creative Moms With Us This Mother’s Day Weekend

This Mother’s Day Weekend Celebrate Creative Moms with Mary Trunk of “Lost in Living”, the national stage show “Expressing Motherhood”(us!), author Amanda Hirsch “Feeling My Way: Finding Motherhood Without Losing Myself” and comedians and singer song-writers “Mommy Tonk.”
All weekend “Lost In Living” will be screened for free online. Visit Lost in Living for details.
Expressing Motherhood will screen their latest show, performed in Hollywood, online.
Amanda will give away two copies of her book, details on her site.
And last of all Mommy Tonk will debut a new song and give away two tickets to their upcoming show in Hollywood on May 15th.
Head to their site for details.
We are all women who enjoy being both creative and being mothers and don’t think it has to stop just because we became mothers. Or else we’d go crazy. Some of us literally perhaps.
I’m excited to share our latest show with you online. For those of you from far away you’ll be able to see a whole show.
Plan a get together with your friends, watch it and talk about what’s going on in your own lives that relate.
Our hashtag is #exmoshow.
Looking forward to sharing part of Mother’s Day Weekend with you.
Our live streaming will start Friday May 9th at 4PM PST. So you East Coasters can start watching it at 7PM your time.
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One Night With Mommy Tonk and Special Guest Shawn Haplin

Mommy Tonk will be doing a ONE NIGHT ONLY show May 15th at the M Bar in Hollywood.

They will have special guest, Shawn Halpin.

These ladies are going to sell out faster then most people do in this town so get your ticket. Seriously, get it.



Buy your ticket here.

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On Validation

I just voted in some awards thing for artists.

And while I was doing it I couldn’t help feel a few things.

One emotion was linked to a certain movement of my hand mocking someone jacking off. I’ll admit, that might have been my inner teen and younger person who considered herself alternative and enjoyed independent films rather then mainstream ones.

The other part of me sat with her arms crossed and brow furrowed saying boo-hoo why am I not up here on this list.

The two sides lay within me as I’m sure they do most people.

I’ve always pursued an artistic path and have never wanted to “sell out” even when I had to take jobs to make money to pay my rent I wanted to make sure I took the job that allowed me the most freedom to spend time making short films on the side or auditioning.

Yes, even if the jobs weren’t ideal.

Then there is the strange world of online blogging. Both wonderfully opening to everyone and also just as political as the rest. Quickly marrying bloggers with companies.

I’m sharing this because I went through a time when I hustled just for the passion of wanting to do this show. I just loved it, loved it, loved it.

People told me to do this and that and I had already thought of that and this but I also knew my kids were babies, some still just pre-conceived notions and I had to pull myself back.

I did do some hustling for one year.

Thinking maybe I could make money off of this.

And after a year nothing changed, well except Maria Shriver came over to my house and interviewed myself and Jessica.

It felt good to be seen by her and her producer, whom got us 100%.

While I know I could hustle harder I find myself pulling back more and more and snuggling into my kids more and more.

I am listening to my husband’s words, reminding myself of them, he’s said them for awhile, I am lucky to have this outlet. Don’t let it get to me to try and do more.

For what?

Really, for what?

Even if I don’t make money off of it and even if I don’t receive external recognition I have to feel satiated just from doing it.

I have and do.

But sometimes something brings up those two images, the sarcastic alternative chick and they very young me wanting to admiration.

As an artist though, what I find I need is to express myself in order to not go crazy.

And since I’ve never considered myself a sell out I have to remind myself it is OK not to be recognized in some kind of media or awards.

I share this because  I have talked to a few creative moms who have driven themselves crazy and who have also walked away from their creative endeavors for awhile, sometimes years, to focus on their kids.

They all return.


And I share because perhaps you might be beating yourself up for not being on some list.

I get it, the list might/probably means companies might endorse you and that’s great, but if you are coming at this from a form of creative expression you’ll only make yourself nuts or worse, compromise yourself trying to get that.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself in my delirious state of mommy hood exhaustion this afternoon.


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ExMo Meet Up – Dinner Next Saturday

Come join me for an ExMo Meet Up next Saturday, April 12th, 6:15 at Rosa Mexicano for some Mexican food and conversation.


I reserved a table for 6, we will all split the bill equally and have a good time.

Just let me know you are coming by reserving your spot here on Eventbrite.

ExMo alum Alana Hampton recently launched her own line called Frisky Fish LA and everyone who attends will go home with some of her new line. All of Frisky Fish essentials are made with the finest quality therapeutic grade essential oils and contain a touch of coconut oil to make them safe to apply to the skin.



Looking forward to hanging with you!

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ExMo News

Right now there is not another show planned just quite yet.

I have been enjoying some time with my kids, well, really my hair has been falling out trying to keep it all together and I’m reminded how much I love this show so I will plan another one sooner rather then later.


Our first ExMo Meet Up was a big success. We really had a fun evening watching the documentary “Lost In Living” and having a Q&A with the director Mary Trunk. Mary said we were her liveliest bunch ever, imagine that!




I will plan another ExMo Meet Up soon.

I’m also thrilled to let you know I’m helping Mommy Tonk produce a ONE NIGHT only night of comedy with these ladies in May.



Get ready to buy your ticket. Tickets will run out the door.

Details to come very soon, ie in the net 24 hours.

Lastly, don’t forget we have fabulous Expressing Motherhood shirts for sale. They make a great mother’s day gift.


We have some in maternity sizes.

Thank you for your continued support in Expressing Motherhood.

And to all of you creative moms out there I hope you keep writing and consider submitting.

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My Child Took Over When I Needed Him Too

This afternoon I took my three kids to Descanso Gardens.


It was a particularly gorgeous Los Angeles day. Cool, some clouds, sun and the gardens in bloom.

The grounds were spectacular.

My kids roamed and fell into their imaginations. I wondered if I coddled my 7 1/2 year-old boy too much as I sat on a bench waiting for my 2 1/2 year-old to finish her pretzels.

I wanted to freeze time as I look at my two sons bent over brilliant, shining, green grass looking at something they had found. Their two heads touching as they squatted, almost forming a heart.

Towards when it was time to go I could feel my heart acting funny. I have the most common SVT called AVNRT.

My heart can go from a resting rate to 150 and upwards all the sudden out of nowhere.

I suddenly started to feel “funny” and I know that “funny” feeling means my heart my go.

When my heart does go it doesn’t me that anyone has to call 911 but I have been told I might pass out. That scares me because I don’t want anyone to call an ambulance. I have an hour to convert my heart.

My littlest had to go to the bathroom. I looked at my oldest boy and said, honey, my heart is being funny I need you to take her in and take care of her. Really, he asked?

I looked over at a now vacant bench that was filled with two adults moments before.

Just me and the kids and my about to die phone.

I can’t concentrate 100% when I start to feel funny because my nerves kick in and sometimes I feel light headed. I didn’t have my purse with me, with my medication so I quickly texted my husband.

What delighted me while waiting for my husband and doing some things to calm my heart was overhearing my oldest step into the shoes he needed to fill.

That of a mature child knowing his mom, really needed help at that moment.

At one point, he said, mom, seriously the toilet is so big, it made me laugh, just lift her up I said, then I heard her tell him she had a weiner and I laughed a bit more.

I listened to their conversation outside of the stall I had locked myself in to take some deep breaths and rest my head against the wall.

I heard my middle child running back and forth.

I giggled too at how normally my oldest would never do this as he’s grossed out very easily.

The laughter along with his on-set of maturity at a time I needed him to be made me feel calmer as I waited for my husband to arrive with my medication.

Turns out he was yelling my name into another bathroom at Descanso when he arrived because my phone died. People were staring. More reason to laugh.

Once we were all collected as a family and my heart was normal and I had some meds I told my oldest, don’t worry honey, if that happens the worst that can happen is that I will pass out.


Then, what do I do, he asked.

You call dad. I began to explain how to use my phone and then he suddenly blurted out, I need a bank account and then bounded off to chase his younger brother, slipping into the role of care free child.

I was proud of my little guy taking over for me when I needed him to, albeit if only for a few minutes.
Curious if any of you have SVT? I haven’t found many women my age with it. Have you had an ablation? Do you take beta-blockers.

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Anna Bocci West Launces Orange Drive West

Anna Bocci West is a mom living in Los Angeles who is a working actor.


We were lucky enough to have her in our Burbank show. She has recently broadened her artistic path and has launched a design blog called Orange Drive Design.




She will be continuing her acting career as well but she has been loving working on home interiors, especially working along side her husband Joel. She is enjoying being in more control of her work and to be able to be creative in another way.

You can follow Orange Drive Design on Instagram and Pinterest!


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Spotlight on Smora

Smora is a natural skin care company started by  Midwest sisters Robyn and Christa Raskowski. I reached out to Robyn and Christa to see if they would be interested in giving some of their product away to all of our film-goers this Sunday, they said yes! Read about the women and their new company below.





How did you come up with the idea of Smora?

I took a class for fun years ago on how to make ones own body care products at home.  I really enjoyed learning about all of the natural ingredients and started making some products for myself to use. I gave a few of the items I made to Robyn to try as well.  We both liked knowing exactly what ingredients we were using on our skin. Robyn started doing a lot of research about natural body care products and we started developing our own recipes to make exactly what wanted.  We started telling a few friends what we were doing and they wanted to try our products as well.  Our friends really liked the items we made and kept coming back for more. A couple of years ago Robyn and I started more serious conversations about bringing the skin care we make to a wider audience by selling our line. We decided if we were to do it, we were jumping all in. After a year of cooking in Robyn’s kitchen, we launched Smöra in November of 2013.


Sisters Robin and Christa. Photo credit: Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

Sisters Robin and Christa. Photo credit: Sioux Falls Argus Leader.



You and your sister live in different cities, right? How do you find time to collaborate?

Yes, Robyn lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When do we NOT collaborate? Ha! No, really we talk everyday about Smöra over email, texts or phone calls. At one point we started shipping everything to Robyn’s home to streamline the ingredients as it became too difficult to cook in multiple locations with the quantity of the supplies. After shows when we are running low on product, I will drive to Sioux Falls about every third weekend for “cook weekends”.  Robyn is constantly making soap as it takes about six weeks to cure. (We joke that we should really purchase a RV and cook it Breaking Bad style in the middle.) ;)


How long have you been working on Smora?

Officially for about two years.

Do you have other jobs outside of Smora? 

Yes, we both work full time. Robyn is a School Psychologist in the Harrisburg school district outside of Sioux Falls and is finishing her PhD dissertation. I work as a Neuroscience Research Coordinator at the University of Minnesota. We both have Psychology and Studio Art backgrounds.




What type of marketing have your used?

We have done all of our marketing through social media and word of mouth.


Where can we buy Smora?

Smöra is available for purchase on Etsy at smoraskincare.etsy.com. We had a launch party in Sioux Falls and just had an open house sale in Minneapolis. We continue to book live open house shows to introduce the products to people who haven’t used them before or who want to try our products.




What is Smora?

Smöra is the Swedish word for “buttering”, which was inspired by our Swedish heritage and the use of shea butter in many of our products. In addition to shea, we use all-natural ingredients like cocoa butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax. You won’t find synthetic colors or fragrances in our products. Instead we use ingredients from nature like clays and plant-based materials to add color and concentrated essential oils to add fragrance, both of which adding beneficial properties to the products as well. The line includes body butters, lotion bars, lip balms, a tinted lip balm, a healing balm, face oil, beard oil, sea salt scrubs and a variety of soaps.

Photo Credit: USA Today.

Photo Credit: USA Today.


Good luck ladies and a big thank you for sponsoring our first official ExMo Meet Up this Sunday!


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Future ExMo Meet Ups

We are receiving a lot of great interest in our ExMo meetups.


If you have a great idea, want to offer up your business or home for the next meet up email us at la@expressingmotherhood.com

We are looking for fun ideas and excuses to get like minded, creative moms together.


If you are a business, perhaps you just want to get people to you space. Contact us!

Our screening this Sunday still has tickets available and don’t forget our book club discussion coming up in Hollywood at 9:30AM on April 1st to discuss “The Big Disconnect.”


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Sunday Night’s Screening Just Got Even More Fun

Our screening of Mary Trunk’s “Lost In Living” is this Sunday.


For just $8 you’ll get food sponsored by Daphne’s Greek Cuisine, appetizers from Pretzel Crisps, the film, a chance to ask the director a question or two, wine and a gift from Smora.

1d_PC_KKaehler_PrtzMnth_WebSlider_ il_170x135.547257455_konn

And you’ll get to see MommyTonk perform two new songs of theirs!

Enter under this sign, The Lillian.

Enter under this sign, The Lillian.

Buy your ticket here.

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