UrbanSitter’s Special Promotion For ExMo Theatre Goers

A few weeks back at Ali Landry’s RedCARpetSafety Event I met the lovely women from UrbanSitters.


They’ve been gracious enough to offer first time UrbanSitter users $60 worth of babysitting the two weeks that the show is running!

High five right?

Here are the easy details:

Free In-Home Babysitting 
Haven’t tried UrbanSitter yet? Get a $60 credit towards babysitting for the weeks of the show.


  1. Create an account at https://www.urbansitter.com/promo/expressingmotherhood (Have an account but haven’t used it? Add promo code: EXPRESSING to your account)
  2. Book a babysitter for the week of December 1st. (Credit will be added to account once you send booking request. )
  3. Enjoy the show!



Huge thank you to UrbanSitter. I have actually booked my first babysitter with them for this Saturday. Having three kids of my own I’m psyched as we are always too lazy to find babysitters so we don’t go out too often.

You can even use babysitters your friends have used.

And your kids can pick babysitters via their video.

Enjoy ladies!


Meet The SilverLake Cast

The Silver Lake cast has been cast.


Tickets are now on sale.

Showtimes will be:

Thursday December 4th @7:30PM

Friday December 5th @7:30PM

**Sunday December 7th @7:30PM

Thursday December 11th 7:30PM

Friday December 12th @7:30PM

**Saturday December 13th @7:30PM

(**Please note the weekends are Thursday, Friday & SUNDAY and then Thursday, Friday & SATURDAY)



You can eat and drink while watching the show. Just make sure to arrive one hour early to get your food order in.

Meet the cast:

Stacie Burrows

Loretta Fox

Vicki Juditz

Lindsay Kavet

Kristina Leach

Jacquelyn Longe

Elizabeth Jayne Liu

Tanya Mailander

Neyra Mendoza

Shannon Noel

Judy Silk

Lori Stone

Michelle Villemaire


Cast To Be Announced Soon

Thank you to all who submitted for the next Expressing Motherhood show.

I’m going over submissions right now and should get back to everyone shortly and announce the cast this week.

Tickets are on sale now, hard to believe the show will be here in about 8 weeks as it’s hot as hell here in LA.


Excited to be at a new venue in SilverLake. You can eat dinner and drink in the theatre. Treat yourself and friends to a wonderful experience.

Buy your ticket here.

I Started a Mindfulness Class

Last week I started a mindfulness class via InsightLA. I think ExMo alum Elizabeth Aquino was kind enough to recommend it to me.


After a week of getting my 3 and 4 year-old adjusted to their new pre-school I was ready for some CTFO time. That’s Chill The Fudge Out Time.

I am also doing this to combat my anxiety which I have been sharing.

I strolled into my new place and snapped a picture of the Buddhist sign that said, welcome all and “Are you overwhelmed, try Mindfulness?” I smiled at the monks sitting on the porch.

Then I realized the door was locked and a nice man explained there was no class like that there at that time.

So immediately I’m all “Fudge, fudge, fudge,” running and sweating back to my car trying to look up where I’m really supposed to go and reminded myself just because a sign I drive past that says mediation here doesn’t mean that’s where I take mediation.

Psychology Today defines Mindfulness as:

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.

In today’s world I desperately want more times where I feel present. I grew up in a small summer cabin where we didn’t even have TV. On purpose people. No computer. We just said, sometimes in akward silence and once we got past that we talked or played cards.



I arrived at the correct spot and another frazzled mom was having a similar experience, she giggled and said “I’m already messing this up.”

We got there and a group of about 20 was sitting in chairs in a circle.

A beautiful woman, who’s clothes I wanted sat on some cushions and was clearly our guide.

She immediately said let me show you how simple this can be and guided us through some relaxation stuff for 10 minutes and I felt good.

She explained things to us, then we talked to our neighbor and then introduced ourselves to everyone. There were two other moms from my kids’ school there.

The second time she guided us through something I couldn’t get comfortable. I squirmed.

Our homework was to listen to her meditations for 15 minutes every day this week. I did it on Saturday as my kids screamed up and down the hallway.

I couldn’t get it in on Sunday and today I did it at noon and laid down and fell asleep 3 minutes into it.

I do know a few times when I’m feeling anxious lately I try to remind myself of things she said, such as you are breathing and that’s enough.

Turns out my son is taking Mindfulness at school. He’s in 2nd grade.

I asked him on the way home, what do you do?

“I close my eyes and sit quietly for 20 minutes,” he said,

What do you think about? I asked.

“I’m just thankful it’s free time and I’m not doing any work,” honest answer.


Made me laugh.

Honestly, I’m happy when I do it because I’m not doing any work and that’s a good thing.

I’m enjoying it and looking forward to incorporating it into my life.




Suddenly a Quiet House

This week a big shift happened in our family.

All three kids started school.

For 8 years I have had a child at home and suddenly for quite a few hours I don’t.

I was incredibly nervous Sunday night, setting my alarm for the first time in years.

I woke up as often as one does when they have an early AM plane flight. Finally I got up at 5:30AM made myself breakfast and got the kids up. It felt so wrong waking them up.

Good grief, they just started sleeping in one month ago, I’m not joking.

I got them all dressed and ready by 6:30AM. We were out the door and on our way.

This week has been filled with transitioning my two littlest into pre-school. The moms all sit around, have bagels and coffee and wait to see who gets called back in. I never got called back in.

But I hung a chatted for a few days. I enjoy bonding with the moms, but I was exhausted.

I’m not used to having such a routine. Most of our routines for the last lots of years have involved playing. And yes, watching too much TV over this Summer in particular.

My kids will still play at school.

The fierceness with which I fought to stake out my creative need when I had my first was intense. I threw so much of myself into Expressing Motherhood.

Now I feel another shift. I still have ExMo(yeah, so happy for that) but I’m also starting a Mediation class tomorrow and a writing class in two weeks after that.

I know my days will still be thrown off by sick kids and that’s fine.

Today as I went to Target I saw a mom shopping with her young baby, talking to her. I wondered if I should feel longing. But I didn’t.

I remember schlepping my oldest to the Grove and sweating in the tiny Nordstrom bathroom trying to nurse him, then I was so paranoid about sleep schedule I’d rush us back home. The Grove now has a huge family bathroom so go there if you are a mom with a young baby.

I was neurotic with all of my babies, I liked schedules, they kept me sane.


So in a way this new schedule is nice.

Today felt really good.

We’ve turned a corner.

When I came home my husband asked if he wanted me to make our crib, now no longer needed, into a desk for the kids. Sure, I said.

I look at them asleep, all in one room. Our youngest prefers to sleep with her brothers and I marvel at them. I do wish they would stop growing right now.

I’m really enjoying right now.


WTF Screening Flyer

“Last Weekend” Screening Hosted by Elizabeth Jayne Liu

ExMo alum Elizabeth Janye Liu will host a screening of “Last Weekend” tomorrow and after the film she will do a Q&A with the director Tom Dolby. The night is presented by our friend Felicity Huffman and her great team over at What The Flicka?



WTF Screening Flyer

This is open to all on a first come first serve basis.

If you are in LA and you can make it please email whattheflicka(at)gmail.com to RSVP. Seating is limited.


The National Play About Motherhood – Expanded into home DVD parties all over the world – Established in 2008